Meet The Lady Who’s Donating Milk Tetra Packs To The Poor During Lockdown


“The hand was made to give. Give the last bit of bread you have even if u are starving” – Swamy Vivekananda

In the same way, myself Kalpana, with the help of my friends,in a way to save the lives of our future got ourselves engaged in a prospectus work. From the very common man to the government, everyone is donating rice and other groceries required by the grownup and the elderly but least importance was given regarding the donation of milk which is the basic essential commodity required by the infants and children.we therefore, started donating milk in the slums of Serilingampally and also other places for the past 21 days.Since those people living in slums do not have refrigerators, the chances of milk getting spoiled is very high which would leave the kids in starvation and so we are donating Tetrapak milk to them.


Every experience we go through teaches life’s lessons

When I started, there was a strong will within, as I convinced myself to distribute milk, I didn’t know where the milk and the money will come from though I knew I can support myself initially.


I was completely shaken up when my kids with their start ups and a struggle phase didn’t bat an eye lid to donate generously and willing to support more. Complete strangers as donors, fb friends from other countries, a mother of an IT professional, A family out of the blue got connected to me and wished to donate for 9 days, in memory of their mother who just passed away for 9 days, all only taught me. Further strengthened my beleif that, If there is a strong will, the Universe will conspire.


Collecting a huge requirement of milk tetra packs, (2k -one litre packets as on today) became challenging from various vendors and people who I didn’t know much came together to support, store managers, random people started helping are driving, standing in queues to get me the cartons. The milk distribution has ever since not broken for 21days now. Thanks to all the angels in abundance. Including my only dedicated volunteer in all my endeavours Venkatesh.


There are many instances that touched me as I peeked in to the lives of the less fortunate


The very first day the tears in a mother’s eyes still stays in memory as she spoke about hardships in their lives and how thankful she was to receive milk for her child. I learnt to be grateful at all times for what we receive


An unforgettable smile on a child’s face, that I drew inspiration from to continue what I did.


The comfort that a child felt outreaching to me from a slum community, I work with, at the Gopi Cheruvu, explaining how his father stood all day at the ration shop and didn’t receive groceries, and how they didnt have anything to eat the next day. And the smiles when I handed over milk and groceries to them the next day was priceless. That taught me how much happiness is there really in being somebody’s hope, especially at the right hour.


A group of Rajasthani women and the loads of blessings, Duayen that still resonate in me
To receive heartfelt blessings meant a world!


A 3 yr old, who wanted to pick the milk himself, followed social distancing, patiently took the milk, taught me many things. The depth in his eyes that revealed the vulnerability of their lives, yet to be patient and receive humbly at his age, was very very heart touching.


Beyond many things going on in their lives, they are still so positive and smile as I kick in a conversation with them. That’s a quality to behold
The innumerable smiles and expressions will stay with me for life.


The kids with their vibrant colors, their happy attitude, swinging on sarees perched between trees, finding happiness in the minimalism, swaying against life’s challenges they are so used to in their lives,
Has taught them, come what may. We still survive attitude! Lots to learn from their resilience.


All the smiles and waving back, as I leave, draws me more towards them to serve as much as I can and not to let go of them.


You Can Donate: 99485 64956(Venkatesh)


If you wish to contribute, mail us at


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