Everything About The Serum Institute That’s Working On Corona Vaccine for Rs 1000


Recent ga Serum Institute of India CEO Adar Poonawalla garu COVID 19 vaccine gurinchi and ee world pandemic lo India role gurinchi chala vishayalu cheparu, ippudu ee article through details anni ayina matala lone thelusukundam….


Serum institute ante…?

Serum Institute of India manufacturers of Vaccines & immuno-biologicals, founded by Cyrus Poonawalla in 1966, is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, which produces over 1.5 billion doses and immunises over 65 per cent of the children worldwide.


Oxford University vallu COVID 19 vaccine ni thayaru chesthunnara…?

While the Oxford vaccine, called “ChAdOx1
nCoV-19”, is yet to be proven to work against COVID-19, and memu kuda animals medha try chesthe adhi success ayindi, thwaralo humans medha kuda try cheyali ani plan chesthunnam.

We have worked with the Oxford team earlier on a malaria vaccine, they were also the first ones to develop a vaccine for the Ebola virus.

“They are a bunch of very qualified, great scientists (at Oxford)…That’s why we said we will go with this and that’s why we are confident,” Poonawalla said..


Eppati varaku vaccine ni produce chestharu…?

First batch of doses ni memu september or october varaku ready cheya galugutham, we hope to scale up production to 10 million doses per month, based on the success of the trials.We are looking forward to produce around 20-40 million doses by october.


Okavela vaccine success aythe distribution ela unda bothundi….?

A majority of the vaccine, at least initially, would have to go to our countrymen before it goes abroad, mundhu mana country motham ki vaccine andhinchake vere countries ki export cheyali anukuntunam,and Serum would leave it to the Indian government to decide which countries would get how much of the vaccine and when.


Vaccine cost and availability gurinchi….?

Ippude exact cost gurinchi chepadam kastam kani, kachithanga common man afford chese la ne cost unda bothundi, may be around Rs1000.

Mana andhariki 2021 starting lopu vaccine ni availability loki thevadame maa main aim, and with the combined efforts of our partner Codagenix, we are optimistic that we will be able to provide a viable and effective vaccine for mass use soon.


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