Meet the Hyderabadi Activist “Vijay Gopal” Who’s Leading The Fight Against Injustices To Common Consumers!


Vijay Gopal, a Hyderabadi activist has recently waged war against the seating arrangement in a popular movie theatre in the city. While the proceedings of the case are yet to see the light of the media, it is not the first time that he stood up against similar injustices. In the past also he was in the news for similar issues. He has always been pro society and restoring our hope for a better future.


He brought to light all the issues that we commoners either neglect or think we can’t change. He addresses the small injustices which paves way to larger ones. He initially objected the unfair trade practices in Inox theatres. His major objection was the pricing of food and beverages that are sold inside Inox. He even won the case after Consumers court took his plea into consideration. He next took the overpricing of beverages in a restaurant and turned out successful in that too. A law alls passed stating that the movie goers can now carry their own water bottles and food.


The major project he took up was when he fought against the huge money schools loot from the public in the name of school fees. The school in question was holds a good name and he’s been striving hard to get the justice done right. His recent fight was against the seating arrangement in a theatre, which he feels was not constructed according to the law. Vijay states that the arrangement was in a way that in case of any emergency people would face extreme difficulties to get out of it. The case is still under investigation and the progress is yet to be known.


There were many instances in which Mr. Vijay Gopal ensured that the laws are upheld properly. We should be very grateful for his hard work and dutifulness in bringing these injustices to light and making sure that those who are responsible for this are punished according to the law. We hope that more people like this come forward and fight against these unfair practices. Let’s wish him all the luck in the world for his future up takings.


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