Watched HIT Sneak Peek? Here’s How He Cracked The Clue


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“Recent ga releasin ayina HIT sneak peak,
అందరూ చూసే ఉంటారు కదా !!!!


అందరకీ వచ్చే ఒకే ఒక్క పెద్ద డౌట్…

Viswaksen (Vikram Rudraraju) aa dead body unna place ni ela kanipettadu ani…..???

He used a technique called



Ante mana basha lo simple ga cheppali ante….

“Crime investigation lo botany ni apply cheyatam “


Adhi elago chuddam !!

Normal ga miku puppodi ante telusu ga, podi la untundhi puvvullo, adhi oka mokka nunchi inko mokka meedha padithene, mokkallo reproduction jarigi seeds form avthai..kottha mokkalu ga peruguthai..
Adhi kuda pakka pakkane perigipothai.. mamulga e puppodi, gaali dwara, even manam akada unte mana clothes , expose iyye body parts, hair and skin valla kuda spread avthundhi…


Idhi gaddi jathullo chala fast ga jaruguthundhi ..andhuke manam kaali ga vadhilesthe oka place antha oke rakam pichhi mokkalu tho nindipothundhi…


Inka malli mana investigation loki vachhesthe…. video lo 2 points unnayi…

1.Search area chala peddadhi ani inspector chepthadu

2.Vehicle ravataniki matti road chinnadhi undhi…daniki atu itu bushes unnai..


Ipudu vishwak aa area lo 3 types of kalupu mokkalu peruguthunnai ani observe chesadu… Avi okko rakam okko side peruguthunnai…


Crime chesina vallu…aa area antha atu itu tension tho tirigi kosam ani…apudu valla pants ki, bodies ki e kalupu mokkala puppodi antukune chance undhi…. Ala anni rakala puppodi antukune chance undhi…


Villu goyyi teesetappudu…teesi pudche appudu…e process lo akada villa bodies ki dead body ki antukuni, akada padipoye puppodi valla…anni kalisi perige chance ekkuva untundhi…mamulga deenni “Pollen signature” antaru… ala kakunda unusual pollen signature unte something fishy ani ..


Andhuke viswak 3 types kalisi ekada peruguthunnayo akade chudandi antadu..
“adhi unusual pollen signature ”


Natural ga ithe ala avvadhu…oke chota anni peragavu..evaro
tavvi malli paathithe thappa…


Indhulo chupinchinattu similar ga unde case study Google chesthunnappudu kanipinchindi… Here is that Case Study..


An unusual appearance of a common pollen type indicates the scene of the crime.
Forensic palynology is a useful source of evidence in cases of violence committed in the open. A young girl was grabbed off the street, threatened and brutally raped. During the investigation the exact place of the rape became an issue. Growing around the scene identified by the victim were shrubs identified as Coprosma, a common New Zealand plant and one that produces abundant, easily wind-dispersed pollen. Abundant Coprosma pollen was found at the scene. The pollen were unusual in that the site was very damp, encouraging fungal growth, and fungal hyphae had penetrated the pores of many of the tricolporate pollen grains. Some grains had fungal spores inside. Coprosma pollen identical in preservational characteristics and morphology to those from the scene and containing fungal hyphae and spores were found in considerable numbers on the victim’s clothes. This and rare Coprosma pollen grains and fungal remains recovered from vaginal swabs provided evidence that she had been at the scene where she claimed to have been raped. The diversity of pollen types recovered from the clothing in this case provides further evidence of the usefulness of clothing in picking up and retaining pollen from crime scenes and that obvious staining on clothes is not a pre-requisite for good pollen recovery. It also demonstrates the importance of collecting samples from different parts of the same garment in order to get a full picture of events since different parts of a garment can come into contact with different plants or different parts of the ground in a scuffle. It is also demonstrated that significant evidential material can be collected from the body, in this case from vaginal swabs from the victim. Forensic palynology should be considered in every case of violent assault, especially, but not exclusively, when having occurred in an open area subject to extensive pollen settlement.


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