When Actors Turned Dubbing Artists For Other Actors!


Dubbing Artists are often underrated in the industry that we love. Of course, they have their share of spotlight every now and then for various reason. But the art of dubbing is more often than not, not given the credit it deserves as an art form. Being able to give weight and character to a role played by someone else, and being able to recreate the feel and the emotion of the scene without being present in it, isn’t a mean feat! Chai Bisket salutes all those who lent their voices for roles that stole our hearts and more.


Here’s a list of some of those actors whose efforts need to be brought to light.

Roja Ramani, also famous as Prahalada from Bhaktha Prahlada, once said in an interview that she had to redo scenes in Chitram Bhalare Vichitram several times because she couldn’t stop laughing at Naresh’s comedy timing.

Chai Dub1


Ok, everyone knows the award winning heroine Saritha, from Maro Chaitra, and the crazy mother-in-law from the movie Arjun. Also, everyone knows Ramya Krishna doling out divinity in Ammoru, yes? That voice is of Saritha.

Chai Dub 20


Every punch dialogue of Rajnikanth in Telugu ever, was delivered by Mano.

Chai Dub 2


If any character and any role of Kamal Hassan had to be beheld in its full potential, only SPB could make it happen with his dubbing. Micheal Madan Kamaraju, a masterpiece where two persons played a quadruple role, Kamal Hassan and SPB.

Chai Dub 3


Another established hero whose every dialogue ever delivered was in the voice of another artist; In this case, none other than Sai Kumar.

Chai Dub 5


We bet you didn’t notice. Nitin’s voice was actually Shivaji’s in Jayam. Cannot be unheard!

Chai Dub 6


We all know Vennela Kishore, of Vennela movie fame. Now who spoke for him in that movie? Uttej!

Chai Dub 9


Ileana, as Bhagi from Jalsa, can’t be forgotten for her cute ways. And you cant deny a good part of it should be attributed to the voice… whose voice you ask. Our very own Swathi Reddy!

Chai Dub10


A special mention for the voice that sent chills down our spine in Arundhathi, for Sonu Sood’s role. Ravi Shankar sir, take a bow!

Chai Dub 12


Karthi & Surya dubbed for the characters of the brothers in both the Tamil & Telugu versions.



That semi-broken Telugu, a voice with weight for a role so delicate. Charmi spun magic with her voice for Kajal’s role in Chandamama.

Chai Dub 13


Sonali’s character, although short-lived, was quite memorable in Khadgam. Partly due to the husky voice of Ramyakrishna.



A doting mother, but fierce as can be; this was Nadiya’s role in Mirchi. And Raasi lent her voice making it all too perfect.

Chai Dub 15


“Nuvvu nannu em cheylevura!!” The force in the voice only added immensely to Anushka’s awesome acting. Shilpa, also known to lend voice to many of Soundarya’s roles, killed it as Jejamma.

Chai Dub 16


Apparently they wanted “Sitara’ to have a slightly anglicized slang. That’s why they roped in Madonna to dub for Sruthi. Apparently Madonna can fluently converse in Telugu.
Source: Veena Ghantasala!



Now, you would expect Nitya Menon to dub for Nitya Menon. But she went a notch higher in Gunde Jaari Gallanthainde. She dubbed for the second lead, Isha Talwar, in the same movie!

Chai Dub 17


The screaming just doesn’t leave your ears!! Sonali Bendre, the spunky young girl in Murari was voiced by the one and only, S.P. Sailaja.

Chai Dub 18


This is Chai Bisket’s tiny way of celebrating all those who contribute to the art of voice!


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