14 Times Tollywood Music Directors Elevated The Scene With Their Rocking BGM!


Background Music is an essential part of the movie. The simplest of scenes can be greatly enhanced just by adding the right music. Our Tollywood music directors are a class apart when it comes to amplifying the scenes. Several scenes have become memorable just because of the awesome music that accompanies them. Sometimes we find ourselves humming the rocking BGMs all by ourselves. Here’s presenting all the rocking BGMs that are just as popular as the films themselves.


1. Racegurram:


2. Indra


3. Narasimha Naidu


4. Chathrapathi


5. Pokiri:


6. Aarya


7. Chennakesava Reddy


8. Mirchi


9. Athadu


10. Bruce Lee


11. Magadheera


12. Gabbar Singh!

Deeniki actually memu video kuda veyyakarle. If I’m right, ee paatike meeku lopala BGM start aipoyyuntaadhi! Emantaaru? 😀


13. Temper


14. Gentleman

Mani Sharma gaari BGM’s gurinchi seperate go oka article raayacchu. Aayana icchina fantastic BGMs list lo ki kotthaga enter ayyindhi mana Gentleman.


Inka chaala unnai ee pantha lo…..! Tell us your favorites!


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