Meet The Epic Combination Of Arjun Reddy & Babu Gogineni In ChaiBisket’s Latest Video!


Arjun Reddy maalum tereku ? Babu Gogineni maalum tereku? Yeh sab ek-ich aadmi hai miya.. Yeesss.. Nammara? Aithe, maa ChaiBisket nundi vasthunna ee latest video chudaalsindhe.. Okappudu mukku meeda kopam tho unde Arjun Reddy, ippudu shaantham prashaantham antu relaxed ga gudlu palaggodthu Arjun Gogineni ga maaradu.. Ee maarpu ki gala karanam enti?

Meeru TV debates follow avthunattaithe, ee madhya donga babas ni, vaalani, veelani Live lo kadigi paaresthunnaru – the one and only Babu Gogineni gaaru. Besides his interesting video, he is also a rage on social media all thanks to his voice and the tone he carries it with. Well, we tried to see if Babu Gogineni could pull off an Arjun Reddy and the result is Attili Vinayak Ram.

Vinayak Ram is a social media sensation ever since videos of him mimicking our senior heroes NTR and ANR for Arjun Reddy’s famous dialogues went viral. Besides, he also showed us Nandamuri Balakrishna and SaiKumar as Arjun Reddy. Now, this guy has turned into Babu Gogineni and came to our Bisket Studio to explain his love story – right from the Football fight to the climax park scene! Check out the video!



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