Here Are The Efforts Put In By Team Antariksham To Achieve The Film


Director Sankalp Reddy thana first film ‘Ghazi‘ to audience applause ae kadhu, direct ga Best feature film in Telugu ki National Award ae kottesaru. So, of course thana next project medha expectations sky high untayani ardhamayyi, ekamga space lo plan chesesaru. There are so many reasons to be excited for this movie..lets have a look at them.


1. Based On A Real Incident :

Thana first film ‘Ghazi‘ ni true events ni base chesukuni theesina Sankalp, thana second movie ni Newspaper lo chadivina oka space article ni base chesukuni theesthunnaru. Aa article chadivina ventane excite ayyi daani chuttu story build chesukunnaranta. Aa real life incident ento reveal chesesthe story telisipothundhani secrecy maintan chesthunnaru.

Times of India ki icchina oka interview lo ” An article I read in a newspaper was the genesis of the film. As a storyteller, I love to fictionalise real life incidents. Antariksham is a tale of patriotism, love and the inevitable human spirit that will appeal to everyone ” ani Sankalp oka satement iccharu.


2. Sequel :

First film thone oka pan-India film theesi national wide fame thecchukunna Sankalp, Antariksham taruvatha Ronnie Screwvala and Vipul Shah production lo rendu Bollywood movies cheyyabothunnaru. Okavela vati production procedure delay aithe Antariksham produce chesina First Frame banner lone oka Sequel cheyyali anukuntunna ani Cinema express & Sakshiki icchina interview lo chepparu.


3. Thought Of Shooting The Complete Film Abroad :

Space ante mana mind lo first strike ayyedhi Zero Gravity. Audience ki space lo unna experience, aa feel ravali ante ee Zero gravity scenes chala authentic ga ravali & moreover ee 2 hr 11 mins movie lo almost 1 hr 30 mins space lone untundhi.

First Zero gravity scenes quality kosam ekkada compromise avvakunda USA and Bulgaria lo ekkuva sets lekunda shoot cheddham anukunnaranta, akkada quote chesina amount ekkuva undatam & Art Directors Ramakrishna, Monika low cost lo manchi output testham ani chepptam tho Annapurna Studios lo oke okka floor lo set vesi, assemblage & working ki chinna shed construct chesaranta. Ee set work complete avvataniki 4 months pattindhi.


4. The Most Happening Production Design(ers) :

Ramakrishna & Monika ee movie ki production designers ga work chesaru. Previous ga ‘Andala Rakshasi‘, ‘Rangasthalam‘, ‘Saahasam‘ lanti enno manchi movies ki art directors ga work chesaru ee couple. Raboye YSR gari ‘Yatra‘, Venkatesh-Naga chaitanya multi starrer ‘Venky mama‘, Madhavan gari ‘ Rocketry‘ lanti prestigious movies ni handle cheyyabothunnaru. Ee movie ki work cheyyatam kosam ‘NTR‘ movie ni vadhulukunnaru.


5. Sets :

Ee movie kosam entho research chesi, officials ni consult chesi 2 miniature satellites & three sections of space ship ni ( original ni replicate chesela ) design chesaranta. Basic ga spaceship lo max.6 members comfortable ga undagalaru but shoot jarigetappudu min. 15 members aina untaru. So, ee problem ni overcome chesi shoot easy ga avvataniki aa particular spaceship ni 9 parts ga divide chesi, within 30mins malli danni combine chesela & set mottham rotate ayyela design chesaranta.

Source : The Hindu


6. Costumes & Make Up:

Ee movie kosam Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU) ni create chesaru. Astronauts carry chese ee backpack propulsion device 10-15 Kgs weight untundhi. Prathi artist ki in case of damage 3-4 extra costumes chesi uncharanta. Astronauts space lo sweat avvaru kabatti Helmet pettukunna actors fresh ga kanapadataniki make up department special care theesukunevarata.

The Hindu ki icchina interview lo Monika “Each actor had a different arm size, their measurements differed and the costume was very thick. I remember working on four different sizes for Varun, Aditi, Satya and Raja on the same night. They had to wear a glass helmet too. Some costumes didn’t work out and it came back to us and there were only ten days left for the shoot to begin” ani statement iccharu.


7. Achieving Zero Gravity

Particular ga ee sequences kosam Bulgaria , Europe nunchi experienced stunt choreographers ni hire chesukunnaru. Previous ga ‘ The Expendables 2‘, ‘ Zero Dark Thirty‘ lanti Hollywood biggies ki stunt performer ga work chesina Todor Petrov Lazarov ee movie ki action choreography chesaru. Stunts perform cheyyatam kosam Mumbai loni oka team tho custom-made rigs cheyincharu.

Shoot start ayye 1 month mundhu nunche crew extensive training and rehearsals chesevarallu. Prathi move choreograph ayyi undedhi. Harness nunchi veladuthuu body weight ae kakunda air-locked aina Space suit tho vacche extensive weight kuda handle chesthu practice chesevallu. Chinna mistake jarigina Back pain and Neck pain lanti side effects vacchevanta. Helmet valla Aditi Rao neck injury tho suffer aindhi kuda.


8. VFX :

Ee movie lo total ga 1500 VFX shots unnayani Trailer launch lo chepparu. According to The NEWS Minute A complete 3D scan for Varun Tej was done for this project and its producer Rajeev Ravi had said, “The only reason to do 3D scan is, the Hollywood technicians won’t be available post the shoot and the set will be dismantled. If we missed out any, 3D scan helps us to recreate CG in similar manner.”


9. Pre-Production :

Intha heavy VFX unna movie just 70 days ( 40 days Space scenes )lo shoot complete chesarante dani venuka entho prep and research untundhi. Ee movie ki related scientific knowledge ni NASA, ISRO website lo unna online material & scientific journals chadivi gain chesukunnaru.

Sankalp ki already graphics and vati limitations idea undhi kabatti VFX work chala easy aindhanta. He actually animated the whole movie by showcasing what he had in his mind and how he was going to shoot the film & approached Aditi Rao for the role of Riya.

Source: Firstpost


10. Music :

Vellipomakey‘, ‘Mental Madhilo‘ & ‘Chi La Sow‘ movies ki music compose chesina Prashanth R Vihari ee movie ki music compose chesaru and ‘Spirit of Antariksham‘ lanti epic sound track ni kuda manaki iccharu. Ee album vinte movie lo BGM ela untundho expect cheyocchu. Pure goosebumps stuff on the way for sure.


Intha passion tho theesina ee movie for sure TFI standards ni vere level ki theesukuni velthundhi. Ilanti high concept films ni encourage chesthe, future lo inka enno crazy concepts experience cheyocchu. Nen cheppedhi entante ‘This is not only an important film for TFI but also for Indian Cinema‘. So, for now i’m just waiting for December 21st.


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