Meet Akhil Vishal, A Young Hyderabadi With His Unique Model Of Teaching Guitar

Guitar – Mana lo chala mandhi chinnappudu intlo edchi mari konipinchukune untam. Starting lo unde josh tho ekkado chota classes join ayi manchi Guitarist aipovali ankuntam. Oka nela nerchukuna tarvatha okka Happy Birthday tune thone baitaki ostham. Inka tarvatha telsindhe ga, aa Guitar photoshoots ki tappa dhenki use cheyamu.

Akhil Vishal was just like any of us in those initial days, but his Passion towards Music has now made him a master at playing Guitar and also train more than 50 students.

Let’s get into the story, Akhil is a native of Sangareddy, Medak. He was graduated from VNRVJIET and IIM Trichy, now working as a Product manager for a reputed MNC. 10 years back Guitar play cheyadam oka hobby la start chesadu. Andhari lane music institute lo join ayyadu and 2 months tarvatha just sarigamapadanisalu nerchukunadu. He felt the teaching is damn slow and all of a sudden ‘Guitar play chesthu sing cheyadam’ ane concept long term goal aipoindhi.

But that didn’t stop him! His determination made him learn Guitar through Friends, YouTube and various other sources. He started recording his own videos and few of them got decent views.

Through all these years, he never stopped learning Guitar and that made him a Pro today. As his parents are into teaching, he has this interest of teaching right from childhood. This made Akhil to start his teaching classes 2 years ago. Initially started with few of his friends and cousins, but now he has taught 50+ students. The classes have picked up the pace during lockdown. Lockdown lo chala mandhi ki time dorakadam valla dhani productive ga use cheskodaniki Guitar classes join ayyaru.

This project was his attempt to make this home time productive and entertaining at the same time. It has seen a huge success with great responses from learners across 4 countries  India, Australia, Singapore and the USA. Right way of learning is the key step to master Chords and dual hand usage. All his students are able to sing and play within 2-3 classes.

Akhil’s unique model of teaching includes Flexible timings, Level based trainings, Assignments and one to one attention! Talking to us, he has also informed that he wants to implement this learning method in all possible ways & arts, not only limiting to Guitar.

Check out for more about the actual classes. Cheers!

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