‘Which Restaurant Deserves This Queue?’, Zomato Asks, Twitteraties Answer!!


Zomato India has posted a photo of Delivery executives standing in line, and has asked ‘Which restaurant in your city deserves this kind of queue?’ and of course, All the foodies, assembled, and gave us so many food recommendations.


Here’s what Hyderabadis said:

1. Yes, we agree


2. Cafe Bahar.. Bahar Cafe. The confusion is real.


3. Subbiah is love for Kakinada people.


4. Woah!


5. Mehfil anta..


6. Our food rocks


7. Confusion strikes back


8. Malli Mehfil ah!


9. Sooooper


Matter entante..

This photo is from Hyderabad Bawarchi, and the number of orders they get in a day is 2000. Yes, you read the right!



So, kindha comments, lo meeru cheppandi, ‘Which restaurant from your city deserves this kind of queue ?’


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