Zomato App Died During Peak Sunday Hours & People Went Mad


Eppati laaga ne, Ninna kuda oka ordinary Sunday anukunnam. But ‘Zomato’ came forward and said, ‘Mem unnam dhora’ with SUN50 code. That too not just in Hyderabad, in so many cities. Newspaper lo front page Ads kuda vachai. Inkemundhi, people had expectations, everyone was on Zomato yesterday, and the app crashed brutally, Naasana, plans anni sarva naasam:


1. Morning bane unde, Afternoon start ayyindi Jaathara..


2. #NoFoodSunday


3. Newspaper Front Page lo Ads


4. Pogidadu anukunnaru kadhaa..


5. Maata Ichav!!


6. Chaala thakkuva anchana esaru saar




8. Aeyyy!! Boothulu..


9. Bechelors ki Sunday okkate kadha dhora undedhi..


10. Pellam Pillalu kuda pissed off anta, Paapam


11. Happened to all of us, at least once.


12. Ouch!


Mee baadhulu kuda maatho comment section lo panchukondi, come on, I say.


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