All You Need To Know About “Yuvatha” – An NGO That Is On A Mission To Make The Best Out Of Waste!


We all know of many NGOs that work towards a social issue and strive to bring about a change. But this NGO is a tad bit different from the regular ones. Yuvatha is making missions for themselves and working on each and every issue that is bothering our society. After the success of last year’s “Mission A”, this year they are all set to start “Mission B” which is targeted towards the usage of waste and making something useful out of it.

Charity from waste is the latest initiative through which this organisation hopes to make a difference in the lives of thousands of poor children studying in Hyderabad government schools. It is on a mission to collect and recycle 35,000 kg of newspapers into one lakh new books, which in turn will be distributed for free to children in government schools across the city in one day. Titled ‘Mission B’, the campaign is being organised for the second time after the successful ‘Mission A’ last year. According to Yuvatha volunteers, the amount of paper that is wasted in schools, offices and homes can be recycled to reduce usage of new books.

In the first phase, the NGO nearly collected 1,166 kg of paper which were converted into 2,100 books and in the second phase around 1,563 kg of paper was used to make more than 2,500 books.

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