Here Are The Heartfelt YouTube Comments Appreciating “The Athidi” That Really Moved Us!


Recent ga “The Athidi” ani oka micro drama film release chesaam. Meelo chala mandi idhi already choose untaaru. Just in case you haven’t already seen this one yet, here’s the link.


This project is really close to all our hearts. Script stage ninche mammalni baaga emotional chesina subject. Release aina deggara ninchi asalu meeru icchina response ki memu thanks lu chepthune unnam. Kaani vaatilo konni comments maathram mammalni andarni baaga emotional chesaayi. So mme andariki, A big THANK YOU from the team of Chai Bisket!





























Almost 2500+ comments unnayi ee video ki. Anni chadivi vaatilonchi ee painavi vesaanu. Kaani comment chesi mee feelings cheskunnaavarandariki kuda thanks cheppali anukuntunnaam.


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