Here Is A list Of YouTube Channels That Will Help You Become A Smarter, Sharper, And A Better Version Of Yourself.

Corona punyamaa ani, we’ve got it all online. From every little necessity to the most important thing of all, Education. First class pillalaki kavalsina education nunchi, graduate students, competitive exams ki prepare aiyye students, andhariki we’ve got the internet as a helping hand. Online classes and institutions unna, just like tuitions we have many YouTube channels that help students improve their knowledge and our mental health.

Here are a list of YouTube channels that will help you grow mentally, physically and emotionally as well. Every channel has its own uniqueness and it’s own way of helping the people in society. Take a look.

Beerbiceps: Nothing more important than self-improvement, self-help, and self-love is the motto of this channel.

Abhi and Niyu: I’m sure most of us already know this power couple speaking about all the rights and wrongs happening in the country. If not check this out.

SeeKen: Life lo health, wealth, happiness ni improve cheyyadaniki baaga help avthundhi ee videos. We gain knowledge from some best books and mentors.

Ishan Sharma: Oka engineering student, tana college life experiences ni, productivity ni, career gurinchi, anni topics ni cover chesthu every week oka podcast release chestadu. Check it out.

Vsause: The channel belongs to Michael channel, where he talks about the interesting things that exist in this amazing world.

SciShow: Ippati daaka unexplored things in explore chesthu, week motham different aspects tho information istharu!

Big Think: World lo unna greatest thinkers, like Bill Clinton featuring YouTube channel. People who are curious to learn more, this is your place to go to become smarter.

Tom Scott: He is here sharing, vlogging her personal experiences in life experimenting, doing adventures, and learning about the world.

Crash Course: These are educational videos mostly covering organic chemistry and European history. But also has covered many others topics too.

Numberphile: Maths priyulu, this is all yours. Dealing with numbers in a simpler way.

SmarterEveryDay: Science it is. Looking at the world through science. You sure will learn so much from it, just by watching 2 videos.

Professor Dave Explains: Teaching about the world and how things work in the world, is what Dave does through his channel.

Veritasium: All about everything interesting, science and education.

We all know these are just a few and there are tons and tons and channels that haven’t been mentioned. So your turn now. mention the channels that helped you improve in any way and give them a shoutout. Because they deserve it.

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