Yoga Made Easy: Here Are Some Yoga Videos From ‘Yoga With Ramya’ That Are Simple Yet Very Helpful

It’s International Yoga Day today. Ippudu enni gyms ochi, workout inka fitness ni follow avvadaniki enni different ways ochesina, Yoga is like a classic. It has always been there. It will always be there. Civilization ochi enni vere techniques ochesina kuda, there are people who follow yoga religiously to this day. Yoga is something that helps us both physically and mentally if we make that a part of our lifestyle.

Especially now, in these hard times, when most of us are falling sick, losing immunity and strength while fighting with the virus, Yoga is going to help us. Not just now but in the long run as well. And here is Ramya Krishna Pastakia, on her YouTube channel Yoga With Ramya. Mana body lo unde prathi chinna peddha problem ni mana basha lo mana kosam address chesthu, daniki tagina yoga asanas ni mana vallatho kalisi chesthundi. Here. Have a look at her videos and make yourself a yoga enthusiast.

If you are a newbie and want to learn Yoga, idhi meekosame. Have a look.

Almost emadya time ki padukoleka povadam has been the problem for most of us. Here’s something that could help you.

Immunity. Asalu last one year nunchi manaki baaga vinipistunna padham. Enno kashayalu inka ennenno exercises. Here are some yoga aasanas too that would help you boost your immunity.

Concentration, is that something that is lacking when you work? Our Ramya is here with some asanas for that as well!

Anxiety. Specially now, what we call it covid anxiety. Chuttu jarige situation chusi anxiety manalni hit avvadam, is common. But here is something to help you cope with it.

Miru thyroid issues tho deal chesthu untey, Yoga can be a helping hand in that as well.

The constant work from home has brought us problems like back pain a little sooner. Back strength ni increase cheyyadaniki and mana back pain tagginchadaniki, here are few asanas that are going to help!

We all love glowy skin and a good hair. Don’t we? Of course we do! Kaani mana skin inka hair kosam healthy food inka good care entha avasaramo, yoga kuda anthe avasaram.

These are few that we thought could help few people. Miku edhi aina interesting anipisthey do check them out and try out for yourself. Share it with your friends and family. Happy Yoga Day everyone!

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