11 Unforgettably Beautiful Lyric Quotes From Yeto Vellipoyindi Manassu That’ll Touch You Right In The Feels


Since 2011 naa playlist lo nundi remove kaani album Yeto vellipoyindi Manasu. Ee movie lo almost all songs mana andari favorite. Ilayaraja gari tunes ki Ananthsriram gari lyrics kalisi, prati okarni ni aa songs ki connect ayyela chesaayi. Love lo unde happiness, joy, emotion, misunderstandings, pain ivanni ee movie songs lo untaayi. Andhuke ee songs eppatiki evergreen chartbusters to us. Ee songs lo konni beautiful lyrics ni ikkada present chesthunnna, have a look.


1. Laayi Laayi


2. Yedhi Yedhi




4. Koti Koti






7.Atu Itu


8. Yenthentha Dhooram




10. Ardamayyindi


11. Inthakaalam


This song is a glimpse of our college life…


Ivi just songs kaavu, Varun & Nitya life lo love lo different phases, and ofcourses manalo chaala mandi love lo different phases ni perfect ga represent chesthaayi ee songs. Onscreen meedha Varun and Nitya ne kanipistaaru manaku, Nani and Samantha kaadhu. They both received Nandi award for their lively performance in this movie. Ee movie ni chustunna ee songs vintunna mana manassu nijanga yekkadiko vellipothundi. Yes, This could be our love story..


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