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Some films entertain people. Some films enlighten people. But Chandra Sekhar Yeleti gari films do both. Can you imagine that he has made only 6 films in his entire, more-than-15-year-long career. Quentin Tarantino has made 9 films! Oka 10 years tarwatha, If Telugu people were to introduce Telugu films to the world of Cinema.. Yeleti’s films would the first ones we’d show to the world. Each & every of his film is a ‘new attempt’. Simply put, Telugu lo Contemporary films teese directors list teeste, He’d be the first person in everyone’s list. Sooo… As a big big big fan of Yeleti garu & his work. Here I tried to compile and rank all his films. Have a look:


6. Sahasam, 2013

OK.. From the man who has made cult classic thrillers.. way before they were cool in Telugu film industry.. Sahasam is not the best of his works ane cheppali. Concept wise, Story wise, Idea wise, The film is great. But visually, It looks a little mehhh. Maybe its because of the budget constraints they had. ‘New attempt’ antaru kadha.. All of Yeleti’s movies are new attempts only, Most of the time they worked. Sometimes they don’t. But heyy, Extra marks for ‘attempt’, Cuz’ who else would make a ‘treasure hunt’ movie in Telugu in 2013 !?


5. Manamantha, 2016

Anthologies.. Ante A film that tells stories of multiple characters as leads (Recent ga ochina Tamil movie, Super Deluxe is a great example). Usual films tho compare chesthe, Its tough to write and make Anthologies. Maybe anduke Anthology films thakkuve unnai. Telugu lo aithe mari thakkuva. Mari antha tougher concept ni, Simple yet beautiful stories (All 4 well written & equally important stories) tho Mohanlal tho Telugu dubbing chepinchi mari ee film theesaru ante, Just Yeleti things.


Also, Take this poll of, ‘We’ll Remind Of A Few Anthologies & You Tell Us Whose Story Is The Best In Each

4. Prayanam, 2009

One of my most favorites films of Yeleti garu. Sadly not many people have watched the film. Who would’ve imagined that, Oka film motham ‘Airport’ lo ne untadi but we wouldn’t feel bored for even 1 minute. On a thought level ye, This is a genius thought. Malli idhem thriller movie kuda kadhu, Its a feel-good rom-com. But the ‘setup’ is a ‘true original’ in Telugu.


3. Okkadunnadu, 2007

‘Plot is the hero’ ane line ni manam chala sarlu vine untam. But Yeleti’s films prove them right every single time. Till date, Ee film ippudu chusina naku goosebumps ostayi. Blood donate cheyatam enti, Teera chuste blood kadhu, kavalsindi heart ani teliyatam enti. Appatlo ilanti oka thought ravatame pichi keka. Daaniki thodu, Ee movie lo MM Keeravani BGM untadi, Masth Haunting. I think ‘Asal akkarledhu asal akkarledh.. asal akkarledhu ra fear.. fear.. feaaarr…‘ is already playing in your head right now.


Intha edge of the seat thriller lo kuda, Maaaanchi genuine ga laughs oche comedy kuda untadi. THIS. This is the kind of commercial cinema we want it Telugu films now.

2. Aithe, 2003

Anni cinema lu oke la undavu‘. Can you believe that this was actually written on the poster of ‘Aithe’ at that time ? Ideally ye film aina kothaga ne undali anukuntam.. But ee film appatlo entha kotha aipoyindi ante, They literally had to market the film with the line, ‘Anni cinema lu oke la undavu‘. Even after 16 years.. Ippatiki Telugu lo ‘Experimental’, ‘Indie’, ‘Alternative’ films ante first idhe gurthostadi.

God will never forgive the people who’ve made a terrible film and named it as ‘Aithe 2.0’.


1. Anukokunda Oka Roju, 2005

OK, This was a tough choice between Aithe & ‘Anukokunda..’. But I’ll explain why Anukokunda Oka Roju is Yeleti gari best film till date.

First of all, Howww dare Yeleti garu introduce us to this new kind of filmmaking !!! We were not ready !! Imagine.. 2005 ante, We were watching films like, ‘Sankranthi‘, ‘Naa Alludu‘, ‘Bunny‘. And here comes Yeleti garu..

Moodhanammakalu (Superstitions), Drugs, Comedy (How can we forget such beautiful and genuine comedy !?) aaaand that mindf**k (literally) twist at the end. This film is wayy wayyyyy ahead of its time. I really really wish ‘Just Yellow pictures’ & Yeleti garu come back into our lives and make films.

I can go on and on and talk about this film. But here are a few detailed articles about the film:

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‘A good film never dies’. Deeniki Yeleti gari films ye perfect example. Oka 10 years tarwata kuda Telugu lo contemporary directors topic oste, Andariki first Yeleti gaare gurtostaru. Just comeback into our lives already !!

Yeleti garu is making his next film with hero Nithin. Expecting great stuff from him.

Do let us know what’s your favorite film of Yeleti garu, In the comments below.


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