This Emotional Speech By The Director Of Dil Raju’s New Film Will Give You All The Feels!


Movie making is tough. Getting an original idea, structuring it into a story, getting someone excited enough to invest in it and finally making it into a film is a herculean task. Making a film is comparable to having a baby. A director nurses for the film like his own child. Releasing a movie is akin to labouring to deliver a child for a passionate filmmaker. However, several small filmmakers are not finding the means to bring their films in front of the audience.

Then there’s this director, Yakub Ali, who went through the same process for a long time. He was looking for a way to release his film “Ila Na Jathaga”. By a stroke of luck, the movie’s trailer caught the attention of maverick producer Dil Raju after Actor Nani shared it on his FB page. After watching the film, Dil Raju Garu was so impressed with the film that he decided to back it and release it. They decided to change the title to “Vellipomake” and held a press meet yesterday to announce this. Director Yakub Ali couldn’t control his emotions on this occasion. It was an emotional sight indeed. You can’t help but feel for the director’s genuine passion for cinema. Check out this emotional moment.



Here’s the trailer of the film that came out in May. The title is the only thing that changed.


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