Everything About World Photography Day And Few Tips To Improve Photography!

For some Photography is a hobby, for some it’s all about creating memories, but for some it is something which makes their heart happy! Happy World Photography Day! Photography is all about expressing & conveying!


19th of August every year is celebrated as WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY DAY. Today is dedicated to everyone who click pictures. It aims to inspire photographers across the world to share photos with a purpose: to share their world with the world.

The first announcement of a photograph was made on the 19th of August, 1939 in France.

On 19th of August, 1839 – the French government procured the patent and Francois Arago (25th Prime Minister of France) gave a presentation which described the process of Photography.

On August 19, 2010 the very first global online gallery was hosted. The day was historic because even though it was the first online gallery ever hosted, yet the day witnessed 270 photographers sharing their ideas through the means of photographs and people from over 100 countries visited the website. All the great things in Photography world were witnessed on 19th August, hence it is very special.

To excel in Photography – You need to spend a lot of time, work hard, take care of your equipment & data, make your creative juices running, be on time, sleepless nights, create unique content, edit and deliver. Huff, that’s a lot. Photography is very harsh 😀 Here are a few simple tips for all the budding photographers:

1. The Vision

The eye of a photographer is very important i.e., point of view. Everyone has their own perspective, use that in the best possible way. A photographer needs to look at the same thing/place from different angles and needs to wait patiently for that one perfect click.

2. Never stop clicking

Never stop clicking. Sometimes, things wont work and sometimes, we feel low and demotivated. But never stop clicking. Photography is a journey, we should learn & grow continuously. Remember, no one is a master here. To be crisp, Photography is an ocean.

3. Travel

Travelling doesn’t mean you to travel to Himalayas, Goa, etc. It may be in your own city/town, just a 10km ride from your home. Focus on capturing the stories and emotions, that will make you feel good. If you feel that you are confined, keep experimenting with the simple daily life things in your home.

4. Never underestimate yourself

Never underestimate your work and don’t fall in the trap of Social media. Their algorithms keeps on changing everyday, just keep on trying different things and capture the true emotions. Take motivation from people around you.

5. Concentrate on creating unique content

Most of us will think about the number of followers and likes. Of course, that boosts us up and gives us confidence, I agree. But creating unique & creative content is the key to get reputed. If we concentrate on creating great content, One day, everything will be worth it.

Create memories and cherish them for lifetime. Kudos to established photographers who inspire many and all the very best to budding photographers.

It’s never too late to start something you love! Keep clicking and keep rocking.

Tag your photographer friends, let everyone know about their work. Thank them for all the beautiful pictures clicked and wish them Happy Photography Day.

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Cheers! #worldphotographyday

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