This Letter Of A Mother To His Future Son About Struggles Of Life Is A Spot On

Contributed By Sri Dhuni

Dear Son,

Welcome to the world of life!

Ee prapancham,

Konnisarlu andham ga untundi,

marikonnisarlu andhavikaramga anipistundi

Sometimes laughter, sometimes tears

Konnisarlu niku thodu ga untundi,

marikonnisarlu ontarini chestundi

Sometimes truth, even if it’s bitter

Konnisarlu premanistundi,

marikonnisarlu dveshistundi

Sometimes a party, sometimes not

Konnisarlu nammakadroham ruchi chupistundi,

marikonnisarlu guddinammakanni

Sometimes a surprise, sometimes a routine

Konnisarlu ninnu daggariki tesukuntundi,

marikonnisarlu visirestundi

Sometimes you are the king, sometimes a soldier

Konnisarlu haayini panchutundi,

marikonnisarlu katinam ga untundi

Sometimes you win, sometimes you let others win

Konnisarlu colorful ga untundi,

but enjoy cheselopey fade ayipotundi

Sometimes soothing, sometimes painful

Konnisarlu ninnu parikshistundi,

marikonnisarlu ni jeevithame oka pariksha avtundi

Sometimes wonders, sometimes blunders

Sometimes you might be a Richie rich,

sometimes a Cinderella!!

Sometimes you are a boy,

sometimes a man,

sometimes a woman too!!

Sometimes right,

sometimes wrong!

So this world is everything and has everything

which I believe can make you understand and experience life.

Experience is the best teacher than a mother

And don’t worry about future. Because, I’m not gonna validate your decisions. But you have me by your side in this journey! Let’s learn life lessons together!!

Wishing you the best!

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