Meet 21 Year Old Bhanu Prakash From Hyderabad, Who Is Now The World’s Fastest Human Calculator


Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash, this 21 year old Hyderabadi has been declared as the fastest human calculator in the world, the first Indian to win the title.


Bhanu did his graduation in maths from St. Stephen College, Delhi. He won a gold medal for India on August 15 at the Mind Sports Olympics (MSO), London 2020, in establishing that he is the fastest human calculator in the world.


Mind Sports Olympics

The MSO is the most prestigious international competition for games of mental skill and mind sports held every year in London since 1997. The Mental Calculation World Championship 2020 was held on our Independence Day 15th August 2020 by MSO.

Ee event ki 13 countries nunchi different age groups(13-50) vallu 30 contestants virtual ga participate chesaru..


Konni multiple rounds tharvatha finals lo Bhanu 65 points clear margin tho title win ayyadu, and he reached top in the first attempt itself.

Competition lo judges kuda surprise ayi Bhanu ni konni extra tasks perform cheyamannaru, to test that he has done properly, and this gold medal will be delivered to his house address.


Maths whiz kid @5 age.

Bhanu had enrolled himself for SIP Abacus program at the age of five and completed nine levels of Abacus, a Grand Master program offered by SIP academy. He went on to win the International Abacus Champion 2013 National Abacus Champion 2011 and 2012.


Other World Records:

He had also bagged other world records including Power Multiplication Record and The Super Subtraction Record.


Bhanu says that:

Records come and go. I do not like personal pride. I want to build a community of mathematicians, human calculators.

More than a cash prize, what it matters is recognition. I am being included in the Global Hall of Fame.

I hold 4 world records and 50 Limca records for being the fastest human calculator in the world. Breaking these records, once held by Math maestros like Scott Flansburg and Shakuntala Devi, is a matter of national pride. I have done my bit to place India on the global level of mathematics.


He runs a startup called Exploring Infinities(EI).

Bhanu present Government of Telangana tho work chesthunaru, thana start up EI tho Government tho collaborate ayi Govt school students andhariki easy way of maths ni train chesthunnaru.


EI has reached out to different educational institutions, trained them in speed and cognitive ability development by harnessing infinite potentials of the human brain through gamified learning modules on mobile apps.

He says:

My goal is to change the way Math is taught. My aim is to produce mathematical geniuses from government schools in Telangana.

To know more about EI, click here: Exploring Infinities



Nipuna and Vidya at 10:30 am and 4:30 pm everyday…

With a recent tie-up as the official Math education partner with the T-SAT Network and the Government of Telangana, EI led by Bhanu has launched sessions and classes that are reaching out to lakhs of students through Satellite Broadcast on two cable channels Nipuna and Vidya at 10:30 am and 4:30 pm everyday.



The classes can also be accessed over the T-SAT Application on Play Store. The mission of the project is to get children excited about arithmetic and mental math education without being bogged down by the lockdown crisis.


To know more about his work and services, click here:

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Instagram: fastesthumancalculator

Facebook: Bhanu Prakash


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