Work Also, Vacation Also: Beat The Summers & Work From Mountains With This Budget Workation Guide

I’m writing this post from 11,000 feet above the sea level away from the Hyderabad summer, working from Kashmir, attending zoom calls with surreal Himalayan backgrounds. 

Working remotely has always been fascinating, and it turns out it’s very productive too. Back in 2018, when I quit my job to build a location-independent career, workation was not a thing. I had to do days of research to find stays in dream destinations that supported my work life – working wifi, a comfortable desk, a kitchenette, and some nice cafes around – all this on a freelancer’s budget. After all these, now it’s become a way of life. 

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Pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for many in a few aspects. Before the pandemic, traveling meant taking a leave. But thanks to the pandemic, work from home, aka remote work, has become the new normal. We can work for a few hours every day, explore the surrounding places during breaks and go on sightseeing and explore the places over the weekends.

For the past two years, Workations replaced vacations, and getting accommodations with wifi and work-friendly facilities is becoming a bit easier. 

But with this newfound arrangement, I could earn while working and traveling,

Having said that, living in fancy hotels with wifi is no fun, plus it’s not very economical in the long run. This post is for anyone who wants to take a break from the scorching summer and work from the breezy mountains or hill stations for a week or more. Here are my favorite workation options that I tried and tested in the past four years. 

Workations with Tyndis: 

Tyndis is a responsible tour operator based out of North Kerala. During the pandemic, they started workations under the name of Workations South India with stay options in beautiful places like Wayanad, Munnar, Varkala, Kannur, Kumarakom and slowly expanded to other locations in Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Recently they also launched stays in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. 

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Facilities with them include high-speed internet, power backup, workstations, and fresh home-cooked meals. During non-working hours you can also learn hobbies like surfing, scuba diving, pottery, etc. They also facilitate team activities if you are going as a group. 

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I personally love them because they always think about what’s best for the local communities and how to uplift them through tourism. I made amazing friends with locals and had some of the fondest experiences with Tyndis in Kerala. For the quality of life they offer during the stay I always felt their prices are more than reasonable. An all-inclusive price per day starts from INR 1000 to INR 3000. 

Check them out on Instagram: Workations by Tyndis

Workations at Hostel chains:

In the past few years, Hostel culture has been booming in India, which was earlier restricted to countries in Europe for backpackers. 

Workation in hostel chains like Zostels and go-stops are best if you like a bustling environment, want to meet new people, and live away for a long time on a budget. 

Hostel prices range from INR 600 per night to INR 1200 per night. They usually have a fully equipped kitchen and serve breakfast for reasonable prices. 

I wouldn’t recommend this option for someone looking for solitude because hostels are fun places with not much privacy. 

My favorite offbeat summer destinations with backpacking hostels: are Palampur, Gangtok, Dalhousie, Muktheshwar, Barot, Dobhi (Fozal valley), and Sangla. 

You can find hostels all over the world on 

Workations with Airbnb:

Airbnb has been my best travel buddy for years. I’ve lived in some of the most beautiful homestays around the world, both on workations and staycations. It’s best for anyone who wants to live like a local and indulge in local culture. 

While searching for a stay, you can add filters and tick wifi, kitchen, dedicated desk, etc., to make it a workation. When staying at an Airbnb, I always try to buy groceries locally and cook some local dishes to save up. 

Airbnb’s price range is too broad. You can choose the budget filter too. If you are looking for a more extended stay, like one month, you can rent places for a really low price. Select monthly rentals before starting the search to see places that are open for monthly rentals. 

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