Work After Jagaram Day: If You Are Working From Home The Day After Shiva Rathri Jagaram

Bakthi tho rojantha em thinakunda padukokunda unnam kani, ila jagaram chesi next day office work cheyali antene.. Mind motham gaji biji ga unnadi, neerasaniki care of address ga motham nidra mattu lone gadipesam ivala anthaa, so matter ipaatike ardham ayindi anukunta kadha, if you are doing office work very after this jagaram, ee article mee kosame, oh look eyandi..

Me at 9’O clock, to join in office scrum meeting today:

Team Lead:

Your task should be completed by today evening..


Me, controlling my sleep for every 5 mins be like:

Me and my colleagues in teams during normal days:

Work chesina cheyakunna, roju team calls lo racha cheyalsindhee mowaa

Me, today when my office friends are trying to call me in teams:

Sachipoinattu unnadu eedu.. Entha chesina lift cheyadeeee

TL for every 3 hours:

Work Status..? Work Status..? Work Status..?


My TL:

Mundhu ichina work complete chey employee brooooo

Leave ivvamante ivvaru.. Nidra emo agadhuu..

Jagaram tharvatha kastam ani mundhe leave aduguthe ledhu annaru, ippudu emo working hours lo padukovadhu antunnaru, endi saami idi maaku, ahaaa makenti idi antunnaa..

Me to my night duty friend:

Okkaroju night out chesthane memu intha agam aythunnam.. Mari nuvu roju ela chesthunnav mowa…

My night duty friend:

Pillalu ra meeruuu:


Are you working..?


Yes sir, I am working..

Also me for every 30 mins:

Me, finally completing my task and submitting..


That’s good, now you have to do some extra work, keep working in next task..


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