Meet The Resilient Women Of Our Indian Hockey Team & Know Their Inspiring Stories

Today is the day we all heartfully said to the Indian women’s hockey team ‘You might have not won the match, but you’ve won hearts.’ Indeed they did. The end might be disappointing but the journey has been nothing less than amazing and encouraging. We were all rooting for the win. For that roar of the women’s hockey team to win a medal this Olympic season. Though it was a disappointing end for the team, we are extremely proud of the way the power puff women of this country representing our country in Tokyo. It indeed filled our hearts will extreme joy and pride.

Hockey India names 18-member Indian Women's Hockey Team for Tour of England  - Hockey India

The women’s hockey team had a rough journey at the Olympics this season but we’ve seen them fight through it all and reach the semi-final. They fought to get into the quarter-final and then gave an exemplary performance in it, making a place for themselves in the semi-final.

Tokyo Olympics: Indian women's hockey team qualifies for quarter-finals,  Sports News |

But this article is beyond the Olympics. As tough the journey at the Olympics was, the journey of these impeccable women to reach that point is even more inspiring and worth knowing it all. So, here is everything about these strong women.

Indian women's hockey team can finish in top four in Tokyo Olympics, says  Deepika Thakur

Rani Rampal

The captain. This 26 year old forward of our team has been playing hockey for more than half her life. Chinnapudu nunchi oka virigipoina hockey stick tho chudidhar veskoni adadam modalu pettina Rani, 14 years unnapudu tana international debut chesindhi. Now after 12 years of her hockey journey, she is one of the most important players on our team. India back-to-back Olympics ki qualify avvadaniki kuda one of the main reason tine. Not just that, but she also had a huge contribution in winning the Asian Cup and the Junior world cup medals.

India hockey skipper Rani Rampal feels lucky, agonises for others -  Hindustan Times

Savita Punia

The strong goalkeeper. The vice-captain. The wall. She is so many things. And most of all she came out to be a hero in the match with Argentina. Grandfather encouragement inka nanna aa pedda kit konivvadam tho tana serious journey towards hockey start aindhi. To summarize her journey shortly, she didn’t like being the goalkeeper. Aa luggage buses lo carry cheyyadam, summers lo aa enda lo aa kit veskovadam, was her nightmare. But now, she is celebrated as one of the best goalkeepers we ever had.

Savita Punia: Meet The Wall Of Indian Women's Hockey

Sushila Chanu

Jeevitham lo India ni okkasari aina represent cheyyali to 150 international caps. What a great journey. Now she is one of the most senior players of the team. She was even the captain of the team in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Injuries tho oka year em adaleka poyina, she gave back and gave her best in the Tokyo Olympics.

Manipur's Sushila Chanu makes it to Indian women's hockey squad for Tokyo  Olympics | EastMojo

Vandana Katariya

The 29-year-old girl from Haridwar, Uttar Pradesh is one of the most improved and experienced players our team has. Haridwar lo ammayi intlo panulu cheyakunda, ala sports adadaniki veltundhi ani valla nanna ki chala maatalu annaru. But her father never let that come in her way. He supported her. 3 months back nanna chanipoyi, last rites ki kuda vellaleka poyina Vandana, scored a hat-trick to be qualified for the quarter-finals. Now, she is the only Indian woman to score an Olympic hat-trick.

Vandana Katariya blamed for caste as India lose Olympic semifinal

Nikki Pradhan

The 26-year-old mid fielder, Ranchi nunchi sumaaru 60kms dooram lo oka chinna village lo putti perigindhi. This area was known as a Naxal area. Akka hockey player aina kuda, oka daily laborer gaa pani chesi tanaki hockey stick konipettindhi. Intlo vallani kalavaadaniki velletapudu kuda, she use to get very scared around her area. After a lot of ups and downs, she made her place in the Indian team in 2015. Also, becoming the first woman to ever play from her village.

Indian Women's Hockey team midfielder Nikki Pradhan wants to be known as an  'Olympic medallist' - myKhel

Deep Grace Ekka

Grace comes from a hockey background where her brother was an Indian goalkeeper. Anna laaga tanu kuda goalkeeper avdhamu ani join aina, her coach/uncle wanted her to play as a defender. Hockey meedha unna prema tho chala hours practice chesthu undedhi, thus making everyone around passing judgments or her for not doing the household works. But that never stopped her from playing and neither did it bother her parents.

Indian hockey Deep Grace Ekka Tokyo Netherlands Germany

Neha Goyal

Hockey was not a goal for her, it was an escape. Nanna taagi ochi intlo amma ni kottadam, ivanni escape avvadaniki hockey coaching start chesindhi. For her, it was a way to spend her time where she also got food to eat twice a day. Amma cycle factory lo pani chesi month ki 2000 rupees sampadinchedi. This made buying the equipments harder for her. This 24 year old made her debut when she was 18 and has won silver medal of the Asian Games.

Toxic' childhood to cycle factory to Indian hockey team for Tokyo Olympics  | Sports News,The Indian Express

Salima Tete

The 19-year-old from Jharkhand is one of the best defenders on the team. Oka Naxal hold place yet oka hockey hotpot to putti perigina Salima fell in love with the sport by making goalposts with stones. Valla nanna farm lo pani chesi ochina dabbulatho oka hockey stick konnukundhi. Nanna kuda hockey player avvadam tho eppudu encourage chese vaaru. And this was her first Olympic representation.

Salima Tete Biography [Hockey Player], Wiki, Age, Struggle

Navneet Kaur

The 25 year old girl from Jharkhand is one of the most experienced and the best forwards on the team. She has been a part of the team in many victories including the junior world cup in 2013. Though she idolizes an Australian player, she put up a great game against the Australian team at this Tokyo Olympics.

Women's Hockey Team Forward Navneet Kaur Confident of India's Good Show at  Tokyo Olympics

Udita Duhan

She has been a handball player since childhood, following the footsteps of her father. But took up hockey 6 years ago. This Haryanvi, 23 year old made her debut in 2017 in the Indian team and had been a great player since then.

Aiming for 2020 Tokyo Olympics, says Indian defender Udita Duhan

Nisha Warsi

The 26-year-old girl from Haryana knew her calling for hockey very late. Apuapudu hockey adutunna, adhi oka serious professional choice laaga eppudu chadaledhu. Nanna tailor avvadam tho hockey lo ekkuva equipment avasaram ledhu ani, she chose the sport. Even her father supported her immensely.

Olympics: Tailor's daughter Nisha Warsi vaults over hurdles to make a mark  in hockey | Tokyo Olympics News - Times of India


Saimi came from a family of farmers from a small village 80kms away from Mizoram. Mizoram lo hockey awareness ekkuva levadam tho intlo oppincha daniki chala kastapadindhi. But after a long trial of trying to convince them, she finally made it. During her early days in the sport, she couldn’t speak Hindi or English so she communicated through signs. Tana idol Rani Rampal tho room share cheskoni, has learned a lot of things. She also set a record for being the first female player at the Olympics from Mizoram.

lalremsiami: India's Lalremsiami named FIH Rising Star of 2019 | Hockey  News - Times of India

Monika malik

The backbone of the team. The 27-year-old mid-fielder from Haryana has gotten a great amount of support from her family. She has one of the most important role to play in the game and she does it the great way possible.

Siami is the bravest girl I have known" says Indian hockey midfielder Monika

Gurjit Kaur

Her journey can be named as destiny finding its way. Intiki college ki dooram undhi ani hostel lo veyadam, aa hostel hockey ground deggara undadam and aa hockey players ni chusi inspire aiyyi adadam start cheyadam. That is how he journey began. She plays the dual role of a defender as well as a drag-flicker scoring the most important goals when necessary.

We will peak at the right time, says women's hockey team dragflicker Gurjit  Kaur | Other News – India TV

Navjot Kaur

Her father always wanted at least one of his kids in sports. And when she was 8, her father insisted on taking up hockey. 2003 lo training start chesi, 2012 lo senior team ki debut chesindi, Navjot. Since then her contributions towards the victories of the team have been many.

Last year's performances have kept us motivated': Navjot Kaur | Sports  News,The Indian Express

The defeat led them to drop down in tears

Seeing our girls in tears made our eyes a bit teary too. Just as disappointed you girls are after the match, do know that the whole country is extremely proud of the way you held your country’s name high. We love you no matter what the result is. We hope to see you all smiling and up about in the game super soon.

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