Here Is How A Girl Can Defend Herself From Harassment!

So recently, one certain moron, misbehaved with and said some offensive things to me and my friend while I was driving home a little late in the night. We called 100 and got a prompt response and follow up until I and my friend reached home safe. Hyderabad Police, you guys are awesome! Not sure if the guy got arrested yet or not. But I’m positive that he will get his due.
Coming to the point! Ee incident tho public spaces lo ammailu entha safe ga unnaro first-hand ardam aipoindi.
Keeping that in mind, mana ammailaki “ratrullu baita tiragoddu, thala dinchukoni baitikelli thala dinchukoni intiki randi” lanti useless suggestions cheppakunda panikoche vishyalu cheppalani decide ayyanu.
Let’s begin with what is actually a criminal offense.
Women, I’m kind of sure, veetillo edo okati mee andarki at least okka sari aina jarigi untundi.
Men, please check to see if you are unknowingly committing a crime.
Laws under Indian Penal Code (IPC)

Indian Penal Code lo Criminal Law kinda list ayyundi ante, it is friggin’ serious.
Okay, now I’m sure that all you girls by now have realized that you have at least once been in the receiving end of a recognized sexual crime (but thought it’s too common, so didn’t follow it through). Now here’s how you do follow it through!
Evadu elanti crime commit chesthunnado ardam aindi, FIR ela rainchalo ardam aindi, Mana time bad ga undi police lu available ga leka manam ontari ga unnappudu evadanna threaten chesthe em cheyyali?? This is how you report, now here’s how t make sure you don’t have to report. This is how you save yourself.
1. Carrying household weapons like safety pins and pepper sprays are helpful. Or if you have a good enough reason, be a badass and apply for a licensed weapon!
Self Defence keychain
Deentho podisthe chachadu anthe.
2. A confident stride and an air that shows that you know your rights, makes the offender feel that you are not someone to be messed with. Practice alone to get a hang of it.
3. Make noise. If someone harasses you in public make sure that the person feels ashamed by telling him off aloud.
We will not be silenced.
Source: youthkiawaaz
4. Aiming for the vital organs when you are trying to fight off a threat is a best shot. Eyes Ears and Throat are the weakest parts of any person. Throat punch that sucker.
throat punch
5. You need not be very muscular or strong to outdo the person. With just your three fingers (index thumb and middle) hold the wind pipe of the offender with all the pressure you can put. It creates enough impact to knock the person out.
Badass pic TOI
Badass Pic, coz I couldn’t find the exact infographic for this one.
6. Also slapping the ears of that person with the heel of your palms as hard as you can also creates a desirable impact. The person will get disoriented and also can faint.
Here’s a map to know how to hit where.
So basically get all that pent up frustration out in a smart and productive way! Let the Vijayashanti in you come alive! 🙂
P.S. It sucks that these laws are only applicable in favor of women. I personally support them to be gender-neutral. But to all the guys out there, feel free to use the self defense and street wisdom for your own safety as well!

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