Progressive & Realistic. Let’s Talk About Women Of C/o Kancharapalem


Telugu lo chala ‘path-breaking‘ movies eh vachai kani. I think C/o Kancharapalem broke the path in an entirely different way like never before.

P.S: Before you read ahead, this article contains spoilers. So proceed only if you’ve watched the movie.

Each and every character is perfectly etched. Manam screen meedha chusthunna main leads Raju, Radha nunchi..character artists Ram Moorthy, Ammoru varaku, everyone is pure gold.

But today we’re going to talk about the unbelievably realistic women of C/o Kancharapalem.

The reason I refer them ‘unbelievably realistic’ is because, everything about them in the movie feels so real. Be it the way they look, they speak, they behave and react. Ila andari guirnchi okesari cheppeyetam kashtam, we’ll talk about all the women separately.

The Small Girl Sunitha:

Sunitha is a small girl who hasn’t seen the world yet. Vaalla Nanna em chepthe adhe Sunitha lokam. She has never disobeyed her father. Even when she is very interested to sing, her father doesn’t let her. Why? Because, he thinks she isn’t ‘old enough‘ to sing ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoi‘ song.

Mari Sunitha em chesthadhi, with the help of Sundaram, aame mothaniki paadali anukunna paata school motham mundhu brave ga stage meedha paadthadhi.

There are so many young talented Sunithas out there whose voice is being silenced for ridiculously unnecessary reasons.

Tom Boy Bhargavi:

Ee ammayi fire brand andoi. Evariki bhayapadadhu, notiki filter undadhu. Daily vaalla nanna Chetak ekki dance classes ki velthadhi.

Mari valla Nanna tho close ga anni vishayalu share cheskune ammayi, oka love vishayam mathram cheppadhu..why? Well, thats’s the thing about love, right? Cheppina artham kadhu, Ina sare cheppataniki try chesthadhi, as shown in the movie, her father is an educated man.

But still, the problem he finds in Joseph is that, he’s from other religion. Bhargavi role mothaniki oka highlight dialogue enti ante, value nanna fan ki hang cheskuni suicide cheskunta ani blackmail chesinappudu, chaala dhairyam ga, ‘Nijam ga cheskune vadu kuda inni sarlu cheppadu.’ ani antadhi.

Ah next day she comes to Ammoru Babai and says, ‘Nijam ga ne annantha pani chese la unnadu, Babai.

This situation is very apt to what’s happening in society right now. Its 2018 and people are still fighting over caste and religion. And emotionally blackmailing their children in the name of caste/religion. Bhargavi is just mere example of what’s happening in the society. She fought as far as she could. Ika Bhargavi’s dad lanti vaallu ithe mana chuttu ne entho mandhi untaru.

Brave & Bold Saleema:

Where do I even start with.. Saleema is definitely one of the strongest characters in the movie. Saleema is a prostitute and she’s not ashamed of it. Although she’s a prostitute, the biggest thing she lacks in her life is love. Andharu aame ni physical ga love chesina vaalle thappa, no one has ever loved Saleema for what she is, And Gaddam is the only one to do so.

Gaddam-Saleema’s love story is one of the purest love stories we’ve seen in recent times. ‘Love Unconditionally’ ani oka chala old and famous phrase ki perfect example ee couple. They don’t judge each other, they respect each other for what they are.

Mari intha pure, unconditional love ki unna problem entaa.. ante,Religion. Manam happy ga unte chuttu unna vallu chudaleru antaru kadhaa.. alage just when things were about to be all right between Saleema and Gaddam. Their love is devastated. RELIGION KILLED SALEEMA.

In fact, I wrote a detailed article where I ‘Decoded Saleema’ in a much detailed way, have a look.

Radha Madam:

Ee Madhya kaalam lo chala movies ni ‘Path-breaker’ ‘Trendsetter’ ani labels tho market chesthunnaru. But to be honest, This Raju-Radha madam’s love story is the real ‘Path-breaker’ in recent times. Tell me, when was the last time you’ve watched a love story of a 50-year-old uncle-aunty on a big screen?

I’ve never ever thought that, nen oka ordinary Uncle-Aunty love story ni intha laga enjoy chestha ani.

Cinema lo veella love story lo chala funny elements untayi kani.. there are a lot of subtle things this love story wants to convey to the audience.

First and most important one being, Love doesn’t know age and class.

Thanks to the director for breaking stereotypes, because, I’ve heard whistles in theatre when Uncle-Aunty were running away from villagers. So yes, Audience will watch unconventional stories if told in a beautiful way.

Radha’s Daughter:

A small size fire patakha, Asal ee chitti character ni marchipoye samasye ledhu. Ee ammaiki chala thakkuva dialogues untayi, but unna prathi okka line very very important to not only Radha aunty’s story but to all the women out there.

Women (of any age) aren’t capable of taking decisions’ ane wrong mentality ni mana chuttu unna entho mandhi men lo chusi untam, one such man is Radha’s brother.

Also what brilliant usage and timing of the word ‘Feminist’ in a movie in recent times. Thanks to Telugu cinema, ‘Feminism’, ‘Feminist’ has become a word to generate comedy.

As a daughter, she understands her mother’s love. She goes and talks to Raju uncle. Supports her mother in front of Mamayya. In fact, she gives her tips on how to jump from building and run away. Basic ga cheppali ante, they reverse their roles as Mom and Daughter in a most matured way.

Ram Moorthy’s Wife:

Cinema lo pedha important character kadhu kadhaa.. anipinchachu. But wait, Ram Moorthy ki life set ipoye Vinayaka Vigraham chance osthe, ventane Yes cheppakunda, ‘Maa Aavidia ni adigi cheptha’ antaru. Movie lo, his wife is basically his voice and his strength.

See, all these are very very minute things that make a huge huge difference. Such beautiful and heartwarming gestures, all these are.

C/o Kancharapalem is definitely a special film because, edhanna cinema lo ‘okka’ strong female character untene ‘WOW’ anukune rojullo, Oka film lo unna anni female roles ni intha ‘Progressive and Realisitic’ ga chupinchinandhuku a huge salute to the director Venkatesh Maha.

What do you think? Which one was your favorite female character and why? Do let us know in the comments below.


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