Women Of GVM-Thank You For Making Us To Love The Love!

Contributed by Jayamadhuri Dandu

GVM. Rather than dialogues, his frames speaks more. The heroines in Gautham Vasudev Menon movies are effortless and steal the show with their performances. Their Eyes have a language of their own.. If sighting is an art, then girls are artist of it. They can relay the most intimate message. They can crush a heart, or heal it. So Look at some beauty down here..


Meghna steals our hearts the minute she introduced, as we see her through suriya’s eyes. Future plans kosam, intlo strict, nanna ki ilantivi anni nachav ani chepthu antha handsome ga unna siruya ne reject chesthundi. Tana kosam, India to USA vachestadu, chudagane… maatalu chepadame kadhu chesi chupisthunadu ani shock ayipothundi. Meghna slowly falls for his charms and falls madly in love with him. Asalu tanu carry chese every costume just class anthe!


Yeto velipoindi manasu was a love story that follows the life of childhood sweethearts Varun and Nithya. Instead gautham refused to take the usual route and focused on the problems the couple go through at different stages of life. Nithya is courageous and prathi ammayi ekkuva relate ayye character. She cries over her breakup but is very quick to bounce back and focuses her energy into something good.


Oka calm going girl, okathe utuna prathi moment enjoy chesthu live chesthundi. She is an independent and confident teacher who meets a police officer and slowly falls for him. She is impressed by his honesty and misty looks. Omg that proposal is next level andi babu. Aa cotton sarees, hair leave cheyadam, hand ki rubber bands everything is so beautiful about Maya. Even after she has been kidnapped by the criminals she remains brave. The way she draps the saree is an eye-feast.


One of the most complicated characters written, Jessie did drive us crazy. Brought up in an orthodox Christian family, Jessie is always a confused one from the beginning. “Why did I fall in love with Jessie”? we find ourselves asking the same thing. Jessie is someone who is very shallow and indecisive. She doesn’t love kartik and goes on to get married. But when the time comes without even a second thought she walks away from her wedding and admits that she is in love with him. She decides to go against her family and fight for her love. Also who else love that back walk of Jessie ?


Leela has been the perfect girl next door in Sahasam swasaga sagipo. Even though she leans on Chai when her life takes dark turn , she is not a fragile person. Leela is a strong independent women,  and that is clear when she decides to go on a road trip. And with a guy she has known with a short while, trusting her instincts.


Hemanika is really a challenging role for trisha. She got to play both roles as mother and lover. The love between dancer and cop with maturity and dignity. Trisha in those dance costumes and sarees with big bindi and kaatuka.. she looks adorable asalu!


Reena is a woman, who is caught in a turmoil. She got to choose a good guy and the man she loves. Thankfully she listens her heart.


Damn who will forgot this character? “Ekadiki velina Krishnan ki nuvu nachavanta ani chepadam”, “Entha handsome ga undevaro telsa me nanna”, “He just swept me off my feet” the way she describes her love. No no life. It is just a master piece.


Love can heal the pain.. Priya is the example of it. She is there with Surya when he is in the pain that left by Meghna.. She is there after and forever with surya and became love and life to him. She is the love after love..

So these women are so unique that their characters and names are etched in our minds long after the movie is over. Thank you GVM sir for making us to love the love! Happy Birthday to the finest stylist film maker. Stay classy as always. So comment your favourite GVM heroine character and hope for the magic.

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