Here’s Why We Can Never Forget Characterization Of Women In Mani Ratnam Films

Contributed By Jayamadhuri Dandu

Even maniratam garu is a tamil director, telugu audience ki ayanante ekada leni respect. Way of taking ah level lo untundi. Actually vere eh direction lonu gurthupetkoleni scenes and frames Maniratnam sir direction lo ippatiki kalla edhute unatu untai. As a die hard fan of Maniratnam ga chepthuna his direction and screenplay just awww. Oka scene ni screen medha present chese style just epic. Every film is like his first film.. such a pure, emotional and real. Ayana direction oka level aythe female characterization next level asalu. A magic between confidence and insecurity. So let’s see few of them.

1. Born in a middle class family

2. Simple and elegant dressing especially in sarees.

3. They love to feel and dance in the rain.

4. She know when to act childish and when to be matured.

5. Will be a kind of girl everyone respects.

6. They won’t accept a guy’s proposal very soon.

7. They will fight and will get succeed for what they need.

8. Will give Lifelong support for fellow ones.

9. They will have a special admiration in fine arts and literature.

10. They have enough guts and face any kind of situation life throws at them.

11. She will be very unique in their character.

12. They will have their own dreams and responsibilities too.

13. They don’t like to get marry very soon.

14. She will fight for the man he loved.

15. They have beautiful hair that too curly.

16. Eyes speaks! Eyes says the unsaid words and convey emotions.

17. Last but not least, most of them are angry birds.

If showing women character is an art.. Mani sir is Picasso in it..! He will be remembered until the cinema exists. Man of few words but many Master pieces! Finest craftsman and legend.

Actually I’m nothing and have no words to express the significance of Mani sir films. You know what his titles are almost with girl names… As a girl fan I relate more to his films and characterizations. So comment your favorite women character from Mani sir films and let me know.

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