Women Farmers Of Telangana: From Standing On Their Feet To Helping Others, Here Are Their Incredible Stories

Farmers gurinchi valla kashtala gurinche manam andaram chinnapudu nunche vintune unnamu. Them trying to make a living out of farming and us, to live. Lockdown was tough for everyone of us on an upper scale and of course there are no two ways about it. But here are a couple of happy stories from the farmers of Telangana which are indeed inspirational.

Let’s hear about the amazing woman, Muvvullama. Four years back, oka local initiative help tho almost 5-acre land lease ki tiskundhi. 15-25 raakala pantalu pettadam, vyavasayam cheyyadam baaga nachindhi muvvullama gariki. Vyavasasam chesthu tana pillalani chadivinchindhi. Tana kuthuruni teacher training inka kodukuni, 15 years daaka farming chesthu chadivinchindhi.

Ee pandemic tho bhayapadi, ledha Telangana lo October lo ochina floods tanani, tana pani ni aapalekapoindhi. Almost 70 villages lo ee communities unnayi.

Last 7 years nunchi daanyaalu pandisthu undhi, and there was never a loss. She says that the people who left the cultivation of grains were in loss and did not have food to eat, but that never happened with her and her community.

Muvvulamma was always kept in the margin since her childhood. She was a female from a lower caste. But she broke that social barrier. She decided for herself what she wants to cultivate on her land. And this happened with the support of the Deccan development society.

As Muvvulamma was a member of it, she and the members of the community got help from the foreign and Indian government to help women stand on their feet as well.

Mr. P.V. Sathish the founder of Deccan development society says that the women grow crops on the land that are dry because of climate change. Poshakaharam lopam kuda em undadhu because they are all fat grains. And that is why their crops are highly nutritious, easily available, and affordable, he adds.

Chandramma, 65-year-old Dalit lady. Grains nunchi raallu tisesi, separate ga pettadam was her occupation. Mundhu ee community vallani untouchable anevallu, but now the situation is better for them.

These Dalit ladies also play their own radio. Ee pandemic lo ee radio baaga help aindhi vallaki. Narsamma, also known as General Narsamma by their people run the radio where she makes a program on farming. Youth ki farming gurinchi nerpinchadam, old experience people tho madladipinchi, valla knowledge share cheskovadam, alaa chala information provide chesthundhi.

These ladies were never left starving. In fact, they help other ladies. Prati inti nunchi collect chesi, leni vallaki, pillalaki, pregnant ladies ki nutritious food panchadam, ila chala mandiki sahayam chesaru. Mundhu chala takkuva mandhi unna, ippudu chala mandhi aadavaaru ravadam tho, community perigindhi. Lockdown tarvata andharu ee crops ni cultivate cheyyadam start chesaru.

These ladies from Telangana are indeed an inspiration to break the societal barriers never stop working hard.

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