8 Things That We’ll Never Forget About Windows 95!

For many of us, our first computer came with Windows 95 loaded in it. The icons, the logo…everything about it was wonderful! Asalu calculatorlu, VCPlu, bulli video gamelu thappa peddaga electronic vasthuvulu vaadani manaki ah computer oka varam laga kanipinchindi! Paatalu, cinemalu play cheyatam nunchi games varaku anni oka danlo ne cheskovachu ante adoke thrill ga feel ayyevallam. 😀
Intha peddaga unde Monitor, oka building laga kanipinche CPU, rendu dabba speakerlu…mana intlo idhey pedda space occupy chesedi.
Now we have cellphones that have more memory, accessibility and features that can make a Windows 95 computer look like a joke, but during its time, Windows 95 laid the foundation for the future of computing and the online revolution. The Internet was in its early days, downloading was painfully slow and floppy drives adorned every computer, but for something so antiquated, we can still revel in nostalgia!
1. The Start-Up Music: Asalu deenni beat chesedi ledu. Pure classic!

2. The Extremely Slow Turning On/Turning Off Process: Ipudante laptops ni ila museskuntam epudu kavalante apudu… Kani appatlo oka system ni start-up/shut down cheyalante adoka mahaakaryam lantidi!
turn off
3. The Mind-“blowing” Games: Appatlo internet, Facebook gatra levu ga. So, Windows 95 included two games that made us pass time : Solitaire and Minesweeper. Okati konchem aalochinchi aadedi kabatti aadesevaallam. Kani Minesweeper…abbo! Asalu danlo gelavatam anedi okati untadani monna monnane yevado chepthe thelusukunna. Oka pattana ardhamayyi saavadu.
Ivey kaakunda tarvatha manaki oka racha game vachindi… Road Rash! Adi aaduthu asalu thindi, nidhra…anni marchipoyevaallam.
4. Floppy Disks: Pen drivelu leni kaalam adi. CD ROMs kuda takkuve! Ah time lo manaki unde anuvaina storage deviceS: Floppy disks. It was a thin square cassette-like THING that stored memory(in KBs). This was a sensitive item as well. So playing with the circular center, while fun, could corrupt the files within. Also, they were made out of plastic, and if you sat on it, anthe sangathulu…
5. The ‘Click’ Sound: Ipudu kuda double click chesthe oka sound vasthadi… Kani Win 95/98 lo unde sound inko rakam ga undedi. And nothing can replace it!!
6. That Awesome Screensaver: Win 95 came with a stock screensaver. A maze. With bricks. Legend has it that it has the power to take you into a coma, if you stare long enough. Try try!!

7. PAINT!!!: Deenlo bommalu entha daridhranga vachina…deenne upayoginchi chala kalakhandalu tayaaruchesaam! Super timepass when you’re bored with Solitaire (or) frustrated with Minesweeper.
Yes, Photoshop’s Mother Husband = MS Paint.
8. Bill Gates: Mundu asalu eeyana evaro prapanchaniki theliyadu peddaga. Kani Win 95 success tho beebhatsanga popular ayipoyadu… “Rey America lo neeku evadu thelusu ra?” ante mee mavayya peru ki mundu brain lo Bill Gates strike ayyevadu. Antha thope anmaata.


Kallajodu ni sexy chesina managaadu!!
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