Do You Have The Answers To These Burning Questions That’ve Been Haunting Us Since Ages?


Mana life lo entha busy ga unna, padukunna taruvatha, nidrapatte mundhu unde aa chinna time lo manalo chala mandhi reality check cheskuntu untam. ‘Asalu nenu life lo em chesthunnanu?’ ane question tho start chesi, chalane questions strike avthay manaki…

Alane ninna night naku konni genuine questions strike ayyayi, which I wanted to share it with you all… Nanku strike aina questions anni oka template loki theeskocha, ‘Will there be a day?’ ani… let us take a look…


1. Will there be a day when an engineer is the most demanding person in the country?

At present, Bachelors of engineering/technology is one of the toughest courses in the country but the value that an engineer has at present in the industry is very less. This is because of the number of engineers that are being graduated every year. So, future lo market ela untundho telidhu, alane oka engineer ki adbhutamaina demand unde roju vastundha?


2. Will there be a day when a game/sport will get as much admiration and following as cricket in our country?

Yes, Cricket is the most followed game in our country at present. Cricket ki, cricketers ki unnantha fame and following mana India lo vere ey game ki levu. Ee madhyana vere games ki root level nunchi support undalani leagues vasthunna sare, Cricket ki unnantha craze aithe inka ey game raledhu. Asalu future lo ey game/sports ki aina mana country lo antha following vastundhi antara?


3. Will there be a day when a girl child parents’ main aim in life is just not to get their daughter married?

Ippatiki, thana kuthuru entha chaduvukunna, ela settle aina sare, oka father mind lo ‘Na kuthuruki pelli chesthe, na badyatha theeripothundhi’ ane thought ey untundhi. Kuthuru oka bhaaram kadhu, thana pelli oka badyatha kadhu ane mindset ee society ki vastundhi antara?


4. Will there be a day when every profession in our country is given equal respect?

Mana society lo, according to their capabilities, okokkaru okko job choose cheskuntaru. Kontha mandhi just livelihood kosam aina, thakkuva earning unna job chestharu. But, mana society lo entha ekkuva sampadisthe, antha ekkuva respect endhuku untundhi? In a way, every profession is important in the society, okka roju bus/auto lu strike antene livelihood chala disturb aipotundhi. Alantidhi mana country lo prathi occupation ki equal respect undadhu? asalu unde oka roju antu vastundha?


5. Will there be a day when there will be no trolls/fan wars in cinema industry?

Generations maare koddi fan wars kuda develop/advance avthunnayi thappa aa yuddhaalu mathram aagavu. Appudu vere la undedhi, ippudu mathram social media oka platform laga dorikindhi. Every now and then mana heroes chepthune untaru ‘Memu eppudu kalise untam, meeru kuda kalise undali’ ani. Aa kalisi unde roju eppudu vastundho chudali mari…


6. Will there be a day when the soldiers and farmers are given the value that they deserve in this society?

Desanni rakshinche sainikudu, desaniki annam pette raithu lekapothe desam anedhe ledhu anna vishayam manandhariki baga thelusu. Yes, soldiers and farmers ki government nunchi subsidies avi unatyi, but is there anyone in our society who wants to grow up and become a farmer? Atuvanti respect vallaki dakke roju vastundha?


7. Will there be a day when there will no reservation for studies in our country?

Hmm, Idhi pedda deba table top ic ey. Reservations ni backward classes ki society lo equal rights ivvadaniki chesaru. ippudu oka example ichi cheppali ante, ‘Father will be a government doctor, mother will be a government revenue officer and their child will get into IIT/NIT through reservation’ which is not OK. So, studies ki reservation undadam valla desaniki jarige manchi edhi ledhu ane chepali. Mari alanti roju okati vastundha?


8. Will there be a day when inter-caste/religion marriages are accepted normally by our society?

Yes, ee madhya inter-caste/religion marriages jaruguthunnayi society lo. But, janalu vallani chuse vidhanam, accept chese vidhanam mathram anthe undhi inka. They treat them as if they have committed a sin. Avunu, parents perspective lo aalochisthe vallaki adhi chala pedda vishayam. But, adhi endhuku oka pedda vishayam and not a normal vishayam anedhi point.


Meeku kuda ilanti thoughts unte, comments box lo mention cheyyandi…


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