Take A Look At The List Of The Winners Of The Wildlife Photography Awards And Its Incredible Pictures

Wildlife photographer of the year, every year Natural History Museum produce chese oka prestigious event. 1965 lo oka chinna magazine competition lo start chesina ee awards ippudu world lo the most prestigious award ceremony stage ki reach aindhi. Photography, science inka art ki unna relationship ni ee competition chala highlight chestundhi. It also enhances and honors wildlife photography, aiming that this public interest in the competition will benefit the animal conservation act.

Prati year chala amazing awesome pictures and talent ee competition tho baitiki ostayi. And this year was no different. More than 50,000 entries from 95 countries were registered. Natural history museum ninna oka online award ceremony lo vaati results declare chesindhi.

Every picture selected out of the 50,000 entries was one of the beautiful scenes that will catch our eye and heart. And, every picture has a very beautiful story behind it. Have a look at those mesmerizing pictures.

Grand Title winner

This year, oka French underwater Photographer inka biologist Laurent Ballesta Grand Title winner award win aiyaru. His beautiful image was titled ‘Creation.’ 3000 hours day and night diving chesi chala hardwork tho camouflages ni tisina ee picture has one hell of a story behind it.

Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2021 Winners Announced

Young Wild Photographer of The Year

10 years and young category lo mana Indian, Bangaluru 10-year-old boy Vidyun R Hebbar first prize bag chesadu. His image shows a tent spider upside down in a web titled ‘Dome Home’

Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners announced for 2021 : The Picture  Show : NPR

Animals in the environment

Zach Clothier from the USA has won this award as he clicked a beautiful picture of a grizzly bear.

A photo of a bear in front of a carcass

Wildlife Photojournalism category

Australia’s Adam Oswell has won an award under this category after he clicked a very heartbreaking and important picture. This picture of an elephant performing underwater has won millions and millions of hearts.

An elephant performing under water

Natural Artistry category

An image titled Bedazzled, by Alex Mustard has won this award. The image displays a ghost pipefish hiding in the arms of a feather star.

a ghost pipefish hiding among the arms of a feather star

Photojournalist Story Award

Brent Stirton has won this category and his image shows a rehabilitation center in South Africa. Photographer Brent akkada rescue chesina Chimpanzees tho digina pictures will make you smile for sure.


Animal Portraits category

This category of award is won by photographer Majed Ali. This is a beautiful picture of a 40-year-old mountain gorilla closing its eyes in the rain and enjoying the fall.

Portrait of a gorilla

In the Behaviour: Mammals

Stefano Unterthiner oka reindeer picture tho ee award win aiyaru. Ee image lo rendu reindeers head to head fight chesthu capture chesaru.

Two reindeer butting heads

Urban Wildlife Category

Gil Wizen tana room lo bed kindha chala spiders chusi, oka forced perspective tho aa spiders ni peddaga chupinchi oka amazing picture thisaru. And has won this award,

The spider room

Behavior: Amphibians and Reptiles

Joao Rodrigues Portugal lo unna oka Flooded forest lo sharp-ribbed salamanders ni photograph chesaru.

A photo of two salamanders

Every picture has so much beauty and meaning to it and it has gotten its very well-needed appreciation as well. Here’s congratulating each and every artistic photographer that has seen beauty in the littlest things.

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