Why Red: Here Is Why, The Movie Named As Red

iSmart Shankar laanti mass movie taruvatha, Ram Pothineni came up with a Crime thriller “Red” which is Remake of Tamil movie “Thadam”. Thadam ante Tamil lo “Clue” “Path” ani artham.

But Telugu lo aa movie ki “Red” ane title endhuku pettaru ane question chaala mandiki vachindi. Legal terms telusunnavaallaki oka idea kuda undi untundi. But Teliyani vaallaki “Red ane title endhuku pettarabba” ani telusukovalanukunna vaallaki ee article annamata.. Let’s go.

Red Cases:

Legal terms lo Case complexity ni, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red Cases ga categorize chesthaaru.

Green ante aa case lo complexity ekkuva undakapovatam. Culprit evaro clear gaa telisina cases.

Yellow and orange cases ante proper investigation cheyadam valla.. Culprit evarane Conclusion ki vachina cases.

But Red cases lo Culprit evaru anedi chaala complicated Point avthundi. Which needed too much time and investigations.. Konni cases, culprit evaru anedhi telikunda case close avvachu..

Red Herring:

There is another term called Red Herring..

Oka investigation ni verey daari ki divert chese, clues ni, situations ni “Red Herrings” ga define chesthaaru

“A fact, idea, or subject that takes people’s attention away from the central point being considered:”

Click here for the full story of “How the Idiom Red Herring is evolved?”

Oka case lo dorikina point valla.. Aa case solve avvakunda inka complicated avvadam. Assalu main matter vadilesi total ga side track patteyadam annamata..

Red Ink:

Compare to all other Inks.. Red Ink twaraga fade ayipotay and disappear aypothaayi. Andhuke Red Inks chaala Legal procedures lo avoid chesthaaru. Xerox teeskunetappudu.. Blue or Black tho raasina matter kanna, Red tho raasina matter opacity taggi untundi..

So, Edaina Clue or path kantimunde kanipinchi, disappeared ga faded ga not so cleared ga unte aa points ni kuda RED tho refer chesthaaru…

By sum up all these points.. Oka crime case “Red case” gaa maradaniki reasons enti, Aa case lo “Red Herring” ga marina clues, details enti. “Red” laa investigate chesthunnappudu fade ayina truths enti.

Ee points ni justify chesthu.. This movie titled as “Red”. So, Hope Red ante enti ane question ki answer dorikesinatte ani..

Ikkadi varaku vachina vaariki oka chinna spoiler alert….

Chinnappudu School lo “The Case for the defence” ani oka lesson undhi gurthundaa?

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