Daddy Also, Beshhtt Friend Also: Things You’ll Relate To If Your Dad Is Your Best Friend

Dad. The first gentleman every girl has seen in her life. Asalu nannalaki kuthurlaki unna connection ni describe cheyyadam chala kashtam andi. Nanna is literally the first guy every girl blindly trusts. Growing up, kontha mandhi ammailaki valla nanna ante bhayam perigina, inko set of girls ki maatram Nanna mana best friend place tiskuntaru. Mana first best friend and also mana forever best friend. And here are a bunch of things every girl will relate to when your dad is your best friend forever. 

10000 problems one solution: Nanna

Adi athi chinna problem aina, ledha chala pedda problem aina, bhayapadakunda mana chesi first call, advice tiskoni first person…. Mana nanna! Oka non-judgmental front tho, manaki kavalsinantha clarity ichestaaru. Life lo oka point tarvata prati important role nanna ne play chestaru, prati important decision lo nanna di huge part untadhi.

A day can’t pass without talking

Amma tho godava aitey, minimum one day matladakunda untam kaani nanna tho entha pedda godava aina matladakunda undalemu. Tappu manadhe aina, manamu aligi kurchunna, nannane ochi navvipistaru. The beauty of it is literally irreplaceable.

Fav gossip partner

Who says andi guys don’t gossip ani? Asalu manamu baita best friends tho pettani gossip sessions kuda intlo nanna tho pettestam! Our dad is our most favourite and our forever gossip partner. 

Always the first one to know

Mana life lo jarige prati chinna pedda vishayam, good news, bad news…. Anni manam nanna thone share cheskuntamu. He is always the first one to know every little detail about our life.

Permissions eppudaina ekkadikaina

Strict dad vallaki maatram papam nanna emo “Amma ni adugu” ani antey, amma emo “Nanna ni adugu” ani manatho adukoni last ki manalni give up chese point ki tiskotaaru.

Kaani adhe nanna mana bestfriend aitey, nanne amma tho matladi, godava padi, bratimali permission ichestaaru. My dad is a cutie yaa.

Intlo pani ah? Antey?

By mistake amma manaki oka chinna pani cheppina, venaka nunchi nanna voice jet speed lo ochestadi!

“Areyy, enduku pani cheptunav daniki. Nuvve chesei” ani

This followed by mom saying “Repu pelli tarvata nannu antaru. Kuturki okka pani kuda nerpinchaledu ani”

Abhiyum Naanum': Revisiting Trisha-Prakash Raj's rare film on dad-daughter  dynamic | The News Minute

No compromise near food

Intlo manaki assalu nachani dish chesara? No problem. Why fear when nanna Bangaram is here. Edo oka setting chesi, last ki manaki nachina food ey tintam.

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Our Cheerleader 

He is the happiest in our littlest success, he is always encouraging us to do something great, pushing us to reach great heights, and never pulling us down. What else do we even need in life?

Papam maa amma Bangaram

Nanna kuthuri kalisi ala amma midhiki ala gang up cheyyadam entha tappu andi. The dad-daughter duo drives our moms crazy. She feels extremely cornered you know!

Abhiyum Naanum - Image #50

Coolest dad of all!

Mana friends andharilo the coolest dad, mana nanna! ‘Hey, your dad is so chill yaa’ is the most beautiful compliment you will ever hear.

Avoiding the Pelli Gola

Papa degree aipoindhi, inka pelli eppudu ani relatives, family friends, relatives valla friends, pakkinti vallu, asalu manatho sambhandam leni vallu questions esthu pressure chesthe, mana nanna maatram mana midha ey pressure pettakunda andhariki ‘naa kuthuru ishtam andi’ ani manage chestharu.

These are a few of the many things every girl experiences when your dad is your best friend. Is your dad your bestie too? If yes, what is the best part about it? Comment below. Also, watch our super cute video “When dad is your best friend”

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