10 Real Life Situations Where Our Brother’s Love Comes Out!


Brother love!
Brother’s rare ga vaalla prema ni baitaki express chestaru. Endukante maximum andharu ‘Cheppanu brother’ type ae untaru. Kani vaalla Akka/Chelli ante vaallaki chaala ishtam. How antara?


They will wait and see whether you have crossed the road safely or not!



Initially says ‘I won’t do it’, but finally does what you want!



Says that the food cooked by you is not nice, but will complete it by licking the plate!



They will not blackmail as much as you do. Very less in comparison actually!



They will act matured and defend you in serious situations!



Always tease and irritate you, but there is so much love involved!



Yes, they will cry when you get married and leave!



Will be eagerly waiting to play with their Nephews/Nieces!



Will feel alone when you are not at home. Misses you badly at times!



He will rarely or even never says ‘I love you’, But loves you more than you love him!



Inka mee pelli ante chalu, naana hairana chesthu anni panulu chuskuntu fathers ki boledantha help chesthaaru. Mi pelliki chesentha pani inka ekkada cheyyaru. Abbayilam kadhandi, mee antha expressive undamu. Kani meeru expect chesina danikante ekkuve mee gurinchi alochisthaam, mimmalni premistam. Love you sister!


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