Bomma Choosi Cinema Peru Cheppandi: Which Movie Names Strikes Your Mind When You See These Objects


Konni vasthuvulani chusthunte konni gurtostuntaayi, vaatitho manaku unna madhura gnaapakalu alaantivi. So, Konni vasthuvulu chusthunte konni movies strike avvadam kuda common ey. So, Here is a Poll, Ikkada konni objects ni chupisthaam, vaatini chusthe with in second mind lo strike ayina movie options lo unte select cheyandi ledante comment cheyandi. Choice is yours. So lets begin.












So, Hope you enjoyed the poll, Options lo meeku strike aina movie lekapothe maatram comment cheyandi, and enduku anedi chepithe, it will be more cool enough 🙂 Good night..


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