9 Simple Yet Important ‘WFH Tips’ For A Peaceful Work From Home Experience


Ee corona time lo most of the people ki WFH options vachesayi . But Ee WFH starting lo baagane undedhi kaani, ippudu bore kottesthondhi ani feel avuthunnara ??

Ala feel avuthu unte , ee tips try chesi choodandi , may be it can rejuvenate your energy and make you more productive at your work .


1. Change your workplace at times:

Yeah.. yeppudu kurchunna place lone kurchokunda ..keep changing places . Okasari hall lo , okasari bedroom lo , okasari balcony lo …keep changing and keep moving.

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  2. Stretch yourself:

Ante , office time lo exercise cheyamani kaadhu kaani.. work chesinantha sepu kurchokunda …kaasepu nilchoni , kasepu ala illantha oka walk vesi ..mallo vachi work cheyandi .

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3. Keep hydrating yourself:

At least 30 min ki okasari , oka glass water taagadaniki try cheyandi .Its not only good for your health but also for your body to eliminate all the wastes.

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4. Plan your day:

Doing a to-do list or making small targets to achieve in a day.. can motivate you more when you accomplish the particular task as planned.

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5. Take necessary breaks:

Office lo tea break laane ..intlo kooda teeskondi ..ala velli amma tho / nanna tho oka 15 min matladi , refreshments teeskoni …then resume your work

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6. Stay in touch with your team:

Yeah , ippudu yelago valla avasaram ledhu ani , work varake aagipokandi.. just talk something out of work , plan for video calls , share your daily progress/activities

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7. If it bores you , stay away:

I meant to say , go for an another task and not leave the work. Just keep changing your tasks instead of sticking to a same thing whole day .

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8. Its ok to take leave during WFH:

Intlone unnam kadha , malli leave teesukovadam baagodhemo ani asalu feel avvalsina avsarame ledhu .Its ok to Take leave and refresh when you are feeling restless or tired.

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9. Ignore / lite/ cool:

WFH easy antaru kani , we do have some problems like network connectivity/ power cuts / external disturbances.
So , ilanti times konni sarlu target chesina deadlines ni meet avvakapovachu and lead ni tittlu kooda padachu …but just ignore them all. Thats ok to make mistakes.

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Stay home, Stay safe


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