8 Facts About West Godavari That Will Make You Want To Visit Right Away!

While East Godavari is making its place on the country’s map for its natural beauty, West Godavari has its own story to tell. With history that surpasses almost any of the other states’ West Godavari has a lot to offer as a district.
A place known to be a preferred home for the Indian nobles for its scenic beauty and its weather, here’s what we found about West Godavari.
1. West Godavari retains the position of Andhra Pradesh as the “Rice Granary of India”, as 50% of the production happens right here in West Godavari.
Rice granary
2. Eluru of West Godavari district is one of the oldest hubs for handmade Persian woolen pile carpets. The art has been handed down through centuries since the Muslim regime.
3. Narsapuram crochet, is well known for its art of lace products which is an art that carries a history of 150 years. Its products are exported to Japan, Europe and USA.
4. Bhimavaram was deemed the “Second Bardoli of India” by Mahatma Gandhi when he visited Bhimavaram during the freedom struggle.
5. Palakol is famous for coconut exports, estimated at 200 crore per year, making it one of the largest exporter in the country.
6. West Godavari alone flaunts 75 thousand acres of aqua culture and also exports fish and prawns to Japan and United States.
7. West Godavari is socially very developed in terms of living conditions. BPL Survey found that 93.2% had access to electricity, 98.1% to drinking water.
8. Dwaraka Tirumala is one of the few pilgrimages where there’s perfect harmony between Vaishnavism and Shaivism. It is believed that the hill is in the snake form representing Anantha the serpent God; and the hill holds God Mallikarjuna on the hood and Lord Venkateswara on the tail, serving both the gods.
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