Skin Care : Some Shocking Beauty Treatments That You Probably Never Heard Of


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Manam andaram enno homemade beauty tips try chese untam. Some of them work and some of them don’t. Worst case scenario lo side effects kuda osthai. Anduke chala mandi ingredients double-triple times check chesi, they use it for skin care or hair care.

What if I told you that there are the most bizarre treatments and beauty practices that not only are cringe worthy but also meeku anpisthundi that “The last thing I wanna do, is to put that on my face”. And idhe kaadu, all of these blanches you out in many ways.. but surprisingly, they actually worked out for many celebs and veetini vala daily ritual ga kuda treat chestharu. Let’s go!

Disclaimer : Content correct ga unna, visuals ae kadhu visualization kuda chala disturbing ga untundhi. Andhuke pictures post cheyyaledhu. Proceed with caution.


1. Leech Therapy:

Asal wildest dreams lo kuda I’d never think that jalaga purugulu which are famously known to suck the life out of you, can be used in many beauty practices. Actually, ee Jalaga purugulu alias leeches have three jaws and they suck blood from 20 to 45mins at a time.. ante 15 milli liters of blood anamata.

These creatures stick onto your skin with the help of their tiny yet deadly teeth and jaws and suck the blood. Cosmetologists found this simple procedure helpful to extract not blood but toxins through them. So appati nundi many beauty gurus themselves tried it and suggested to many celebs to try it, too! Guess what? It worked for them and ever since then, leech facials ani, leech therapy ani enno enneno treatments ochesai.

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2. Bird Poo Facial:

Everybody loves spas for a reason. Avi chala rejuvenating and soothing untai. Aa massage oils, vaati aroma everything put together is just accelerating. Kaani veeti ingredients lo imagine having some creatures’ excreta in it and worst part it being on your face? How does it feel?

Apparently, bird poop brings good luck charm to your face anta. Nammara? It is very famous all the way from Japan to Manhattan. Researchers say that bird poo has ingredients that will brighten up, nourish and bring your complexion up. It is also known to heal the skin.

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3. Eating Clay:

You are what you eat antaru! Quite literally in many senses it can get true. Your skin is basically a reflection of 80% of what you eat and it’s a proven fact. So andukane manam excess oils thinna, heat generating food thinna- breakouts authai, adi manandariki thelsu. Deeni basis lo there’s something called edible clays that most of the Hollywood celebs take just because it helps them bring all the toxins together, improve digestion and binds all the excretable material with it and flushes away. Hufff! Quite a procedure, right?!

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4. Placenta cream:

Mana ee list lo annitiki kanna bizarre ante…naku ide anpinchindi. Like really!! The name itself is self-explanatory. Mana andariki thelsu that placenta is an organ that develops in uterus during pregnancy and it helps the growth of the baby by providing oxygen and nutrients, removing the waste products from baby’s blood.

This placenta is made of stem cells anamata and these placental stem cells are used as face moisturizers and creams. Skin condition batti the amount varies but sources say that it is very helpful for skin rashes, dry/scaly skin and also helps the skin look very young. Anthenduku, many celebs also openly spoke about them using this cream in many interviews.

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5. Earthworm poop cream:

Hello to more poop creams! Asalu elanti rojulu ochayo!!?? ivanni creams authunai. Earthworm poo nundi they extract ingredients that help the cosmetologists make something called as “earth worm poop butter”. Hayooo! They also name it as “earthworm poo extract”.

Idhe ingredient, they mix it with several other components and vitamins to finally make a cream that helps fine lines and wrinkles vanish in no time. Yes! This poo extract is basically FOR anti-aging agent and helps mana skin lopala una collagen to lift up and boost circulation and improve skin elasticity. Wow, now!

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Quite some weird beauty ingredients kada? Imagine all of them are used by many people on daily basis. Phew! On this list, which one would you not mind trying anedhi let us know in the comments section below. After reading all of this, I need to reset my, bye! See you next week <3


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