10 Weirdly Awesome Professions That Offer Degree Programs As Well!


Contributed By Sandy Rachel


There are several awesome professions that you can take up in this life. However, there are a few courses that would shock even the wildest of us. Here’s a list of strange yet cool courses or degrees that might interest and astonish you.


1. Yes, this course helps develop your technical skills in traditional outdoor pursuits as well as your personal attributes like self confidence. Isn’t that a plus already? And you get to learn them in practical and theoretical methods!



2. Yes, you guessed it right. This course teaches you the nuances of auctioning and you’ll be a pro at it soon. Imagine being the topper of an Auctioneering course!



3. No marks for guessing what it teaches you. This course helps you study and develop the art of comic writing and cartooning.



4. This courses teaches you how to hack, for all the right reasons. This comes in handy for crime investigations etc. and strictly not for personal and profitable use.



5. This course goes into the about waste management, decomposition and odors etc. of garbage. Yes, again, imagine topping this course. :p



6. There only a select few that recognize the art and value of Tree Climbing. This could be such a fun, cool yet easy course, doesn’t it?



7. This religion course explores ancestor worship, alchemy, cremation, AIDS and near-death experiences. Seriously though, if you’ve ever wondered if life’s too short to sit in a classroom, this might not be the course for you. :p



8. This course teaches us what most of us wanted to learn to listen to all our lives. It helps it students to get an insight into the popular culture of today like its music, art, food etc.



9. This course teaches you about all phases of funeral services. Teaches you about the welfare associated to the preparation and care of the deceased.



10. In short, it teaches you how to be an amazing surfer! cool, isn’t it?



Unfortunately, these courses are not all available in India. So for those eyeing these courses, they’re not tough to find abroad. Go ahead, in learning and of Medicine and Engineering. 😛


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