Other Than Just Visiting Temple. What All Places To See In Tirupathi In A Weekend


When you hear the name Tirupathi, all you remember is Lord Balaji and the sacred chants that go on giving a unique experience to devotees every minute. But there’s a lot more than just spirituality in this place. The seven hills on which the Lord resides is a scenic beauty that can make any traveller speechless. It can be a perfect travel destination for not just devotees but to nature lovers as well. Places in and around Tirupathi provide a spectacular travel destination. This weekend chuck the routine tasks and take a holiday to Tirupathi, which is more than just visiting the Lord.

Day 1:
Begin this day with exploring the residence of the Lord himself. There are many places to visit in the seven hills if you have time to explore. Chakratheertham and Silathoranam are some scenic places that you can pay a visit. If you were to go to Tirumala, you should never miss the spectacular view from Sree Vari Padaalu. Gogarbham dam is also a place of must visit. After spending there two to three hours, you can come downhill and explore the city now. Spend the first half of your day in Thirumala and you can come down and start enjoying the beauty of the places that the city offers.

Iskon temple in Thirupathi is definitely a must visit, and it is also one of the biggest in the country. Don’t miss Kapilatheertham falls which has many sentiments wound around it. After visiting that, you can take a short one hour drive to Chandragiri to get yourself lost in the medieval beauties of the fort and its culture. The laser and sound show that happens every evening is something not to miss. The show goes on until the night. With this, you can end your day awaiting the adventures of the next.

Day 2:
The second day explore the beautiful destinations around the city of Tirupathi. Visit Talakona, which is a two-hour drive from Tirupathi. A temple is a point from where you have to trek your way to the waterfalls. You can set back at this place and relax for the whole day enjoying the scenery around. Coming from to Tirupathi, you can pay a visit to Srinivasa Mangapuram temple, where not just local folks but people from all over the state believe that our wishes come true.

On your way back you can visit the Gudimallam temple which is quite famous in this place. The uniqueness of this temple is that the three major gods of Hindus, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are manifested in the same temple. And also Horsely hills near Madanapalle deserves a mention. If you can extend the trip, then this place is should be your next destination, as it provides breathtaking views with such serene weather that’ll surely make you forget the busy buzz of your daily life.


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