Office Lo WC Chushinam: Things Employees Who Are Secretly Watching World Cup In Office Will Relate To

Devudu chala durmargudu laxmi, itu WC matches unnai ani anandhapade lope, office time lo matches petti bhadapadela chesthadu.

Ivvi kuda mana IPL laga night unte free time lo chusthu ayipoyaka padukune vallam, ippudu ee timings lo matches chudadam ante office lo sahasamane chepali.

Me who has to go for office on match day:

Leave pedithe kuda accept cheyale, chii dinnamma jivithammm

Me trying to open Hotstar in office PC.

Office PC:

Restricted sites open kavu ra, erri naa employee @#$

Me to our fresher who has his personal lappy with Hotstar VIP subscription:

KT isthu match ni chudochu ra abhaiii

Me and my colleagues cheering for our team while watching match from our office desks (Silently)

Match lo comeback ayaru mowa, win ayela undi.

SKY/Virat hitting sixes for India.

My over excited friend shouting like a donkey in office:


Arusthunnav entra arusthunnav? Maa laga noru muskoni match chudochu kadha.

Me and my colleagues celebrating silently for our India’s win at our desks.

Our jungle junior team shouting for manager to come outside:

Maaku work ichi meeru match chusthara ra, aristhe manager ki vinipivvali

Our Manager coming out from his room:

Enti ah sounds enti asalu, em jaruguthundi ikkada.

My manager:

Em chesthunnaru babu?


Actually ee error, escalation mail, thermodynamics.. Oh shit, match evaru pettaru

My colleagues:

Veede sir work chesthunte band cheyinchi maatho match chuyisthunnadu, salary cut cheyandi saar vidiki, asalu entra office time lo nee reckless behaviour @#$%

Me after listening those words from my colleagues:

Ila turn chesaru enti.

Few hours later, my manager watching highlights in his phone be like:

Intha manchi match ni miss ayana.

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