How We’re Wasting Litres Of Water In Our Daily Life Without Even Knowing


India is facing and fighting one of our worst water crisis ever. If you’ve been following the Water scarcity condition in Chennai, you know how bad it is. Last year it was Himachal Pradesh, This year it is Chennai. Almost 30% of India suffering from extreme water crisis, We (The common people), are wasting a lot lot lots of water in our daily lives, UNKNOWINGLY.


So after reading all these news articles about how bad the water crisis in India is.. I’ve been researching on the internet, how the majority of water is being wasted in India, and how it is happening without even our knowledge. So I gathered information from multiple sources about how Litres Of Water is being wasted by US, in our daily lives. Have a look:


1. Flushing the toilet

The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation recently stated that 89 percent (107 crore) of the Indian population has access to toilets.

Considering that an average individual uses the toilet seven times a day..

we’re flushing out a whopping 118 crore litres of water on a daily basis.


So, What’s the Remedy: ‘Water Free’ urinals.

The traditional flush dispenses around six liters of water per flush. With this ‘Water Free’ method, One can save over 25,000 litres of water, per home per year.

Diversey. A global cleaning and hygiene company, is attempting to save this water through an innovative solution Flush-Me-Not, which serves as a comprehensive waterless urinal system. Not only does it reduce the usage of water in toilets, but it also helps control odour. Launched in 2014, Flush-Me-Not is already being used across 15,000 urinals in India including the ones at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai, public restrooms around the Vaishno Devi temple in Kashmir, across multiple outlets of fast food chain McDonald’s, and also in some branches of Delhi Public School.


2. Showering (For a long duration).

Showering for even five minutes can consume up to 37 litres of water.

So, What’s the Remedy: Indian ‘Bucket Bath’.

The solution was right in front of us even before the problem. The ancient Indian bucket bath, is the easiest and a clear cut solution to this problem.


3. Leakages (Pipes, Taps, Drainages)

A consistent, steady water leak can cause a loss of 226,800 litres of water per year.

So, What’s the Remedy: Get the leaks done !!

No leak is a small leak to be ignored.


4. Washing dishes, vegetables with tap on

Imagine the amount of water wasted everyday for cleaning dishes.

So, What’s the Remedy: Store the water in a big pan or an utensil or .. Clean all the dishes and re-use the water for plants. Or fill up your sink with soap water and then clean and wash them off!


5. Don’t do half filled Laundries.

Every time you use an automatic washing machine.. you’re using a lot of water. Here’s a snip from Samsung’s official website.

So, What’s the Remedy: Ensure that each load of laundry you do is pretty full. This will be more cost effective in the long run.


6. House cleaning, watering an under-constructing building, waterign the lawn, and other cleanings, in general:

We all have seen people watering lawns, gardens, cars, etc etc with pipes.

So, What’s the Remedy: We do not think of water as a limitation while doing these tasks. But we should.


7. Leaving the tap on while BRUSHING !!

I’ve saved the scariest one for the last. You waste 5 litres of water every time you brush, half-awake, lazily, and leave the tap on while brushing. If yours is a family of 4, its 20 litres of water wastage for just brushing, by one family.

So, What’s the Remedy: Be responsible, Understand the scarcity and importance of water. And Use it very very wisely.


This article is not written with an intention to blame anyone. While I was learning better ways to save water, on the internet. This article is just to raise awareness and educate people about how we can save water by doing little things, being a little more cautious. If you’re reading this, please share it with everyone you know, educate more people about the crisis and how we can reduce the wastage of water in our daily lives.

If you think investing in Water Harvesting plants in your home is expensive and money involved. These above mentioned little actions and consciousness can save a little water. And if everyone thinks the same way.. Imagine the amount of water that can be saved.

It’s tough to implement these and mend our ways, But if we don’t.. our future would be tougher on us.



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