Meet Raghavendra Rao, A 77 Year Old Man Who Paints Splendid Art With Just His Nails!


Generally at the age of 76 people choose to spend their time by taking up spirituality or spending some memorable time with their grand children but Gudimalla Raghavendra Rao is having some quality of time with his passion “Nail art”.



Raghavendra Rao, from Rangampeta in Warangal Dist, who retired as a pharmacist 20 years back. When he was young, he couldn’t pursue this art as freely as now due to family and work responsibilities. But now he is enjoying his passion in its entirety.





It took him 55 years to become a master in this art. During this period, he has made more than 150 paintings. He uses his thumb nails carefully on the paper sheets to get the marvellous work of art. He uses only organic colours which are brought in from Gujarat for filling the pictures. He takes a cloth, by dabbing it in the powdered colour and rubs it on the required area to get the desired effect.





Today, Raghavendra Rao is one of the very few artists in the state who can draw with their nails. Nail art is a very rare and unusual work which is not seen these day and many people are not even aware of it. Making a piece of art without using a pen, pencil, brush or oil paints is not easy. But then again, here’s Raghavendra Rao who just needs his nails. Art really does come in all forms and sizes.











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