Here’s How These Engineering Students From Warangal Are Making Us Proud On A Global Scale!


5 students from SR engineering college in Warangal have been selected for the prestigious “NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge”. The team from SR Engineering College, Warangal, is going to participate in the fifth annual human exploration rover challenge that is going to happen in the month of April 2018, in Alabama, US. The team which was led by guide Manoj Chaudhary consists of 4 final year students P. Paul Vineeth, Prakash Raineni, P.Sravan Rao, Rondla Dilipreddy and Venishetty Sneha who belonged to ECE, MECH and Civil Engineering streams.


The “NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge” first began as the NASA “Moon Buggy Race” and it was first held in the year 1994, 25 years after the first manned Apollo landing happened on the moon. And this year only four teams from India were short-listed, out of these four teams, SR engineering college students were shortlisted to compete in this challenge. Students from 23 other countries participated in this. The team must prepare a moon buggy design, report and submit their idea. These students qualified for the last challenge after overcoming the selection criteria of preparing a moon buggy design, report and submit it.


Speaking to a news agency the students said that “”We are excited and looking forward to this challenge since it makes us think concepts in ‘space exploration’ as a subject, which was something we had never considered before. We are confident our rover will conquer the challenge,” This is certainly a proud moment for all of us.


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