After Mahanati, 10 Biopics Of Telugu People We’d Love To Watch On Big Screen!


OK so Mahanti is not just a great film that won audience’s hearts, but also a film that has set a new kind of benchmark in Tollywood, that is, ‘Biopics’. Although Bollywood has been making quite a lot of biopics since the past few years, it was high time for Tollywood to come up with a great biopic. And the success of Mahanati echoed all across the country.

So we thought, here are a few people who are best known for their incredible talent and hard work. These people have done so much in their lives, there’d be so much to learn, if a biopic is made on basis of their lives. Have a look.


1. PV Sindhu

One Olympic match.. One single evening..changed everything for her. But we only know this side of the story. And there’s a lot more to know, A 22 year old struggle of becoming one of the finest badminton players of not just our country, but the entire world.

Guess what ! Sindhu’s biopic is already in making, and Sonu Sood is producing it. And it might hit the big screens, late this year or in 2019.


2. Brahmanandam

More than a 1000 films, still shining like a star. It’d be more than a pleasure watching his life on Big Screen.


3. K Viswanath Garu

Appatlone Telugu cinema ni prapanchaniki parichayam chesina vyakhthi, There’d be so much to learn from his life.


4. Pullela Gopichand

Trained some of the best badminton players of our country. Also owns an academy where he trains upcoming talent.

Although a Bilingual biopic on him is promised by Fox Star Studios in early 2017, nothing new has been announced or released.


5. S P Balasubrahmanyam

Singers are now singing songs in different languages, but Balu garu did it way before it was cool. Mana grandparents, parents and ippudu mana generation dhaaka andharu ishtapade artist.


6. V V S Laxman

Eeyana gurinchi kotha ga mana readers cheppalsindhi em undhi.. If this film is ever made, Telugu Cinema & Cricket fans ki treat eh.


7. Prakash Raj

Again, a Veteran actor who has acted in so many languages, has done so many variety of roles ranging from father, villain, and what not. (He’s a Director too.)


8. P Suseela

How many of you know that, she holds a Guinness Record for singing 17,695 songs in 12 languages. Stories of legends like her, needs to be told.


9. S Janaki

If you don’t know her, ask your parents about her, and why her voice was, is and always will be a pleasure to listen to.


10. Mithali Raj

Not to forget, Our captain of the ship. Mithali Raj, Captain of Indian national cricket team. Her interviews and her epic replies are just an enough reason to why a movie needs to be made on her life.


If we go on like this, we’re pretty sure the list goes on and on.. So tell us in the comments, who’s Biopic you’d like to Watch on big screen.


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