Here’s How A Construction Company From Our Telugu Land Is Creating Next-Gen Energy Generating Roof That Is All Set To Replace Regular Slabs!


Roofs are the basic part of any construction we carry out. We ensure that it stays strong and holds the building together. We haven’t moved much forward from the regular roofs and simple slabs apart from installing solar panels and water heaters. What If I tell you that there’s a roof that converts solar energy into usable electricity and also can replace the concrete slabs for any constructions? What If these panels help us generate continuous energy throughout the lifetime.

What? Vnext, a part of Visaka industries, is bound to change the way construction works. V-Next’s latest Atum smart panels is revolutionizing the concept of roofing and solar energy. It is a hybrid roof that uses the unlimited sun energy to power our houses. This is also used as a replacement to the constructions.

How? The concrete slabs of these constructions are replaced with Vnext’s Atum. These solar panels/roofs are smart panels that can be monitored through our smart phone. They convert the solar energy into usable energy which can be used as electricity in our homes. Their “Atum” app can be downloaded on our smart phones through which we can monitor.

And? These panels are later connected to a monitoring meter or a battery that ensures that the energy is not wasted and helps to use the power 24/7. So? Many might wonder how this will help. Imagine the regular slab on our house that gives us unlimited power supply? A permanent solution that helps us stay Eco-friendly. Then!! this is it.

Witness on 31.08.2017 how they are going to empower India and be the next big thing!


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