This Is How Rich Vizianagaram District Is In History, Culture & Art!

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Part of Uttarandhra, again another place more noted for its backwardness, but having a rich history and culture. Like Srikakulam it was part of the Kalinga empire, and was carved out as a separate district in 1978. It is a land that breathes culture, history and tradition at every stage. Here are some awesome facts…
Bobbili a town that has become a by word for valor, bravery and courage. The famous Battle of Bobbili was fought here in 1757, against the combined forces of Vijayanagaram, French under Bussy and Nizam. Though the forces of Bobbili lost, their fight to the end, their refusal to surrender to foreign forces, their fiercely independent spirit, has made them a legend.
CHai Bisket Bussy
Marquis de Bussy-Castelnau
Source: Wikipedia
It was one of the main regions for the supremacy struggle between British and French, Battle of Chandurthi in 1758, saw the British win a decisive victory and take control over the Northern Circars.
Chai Bisket insignia
Insignia of Vizianagar
Source: Lakshya World
Played a major role during Freedom struggle, with revolts by Tribals in Saluru under Konda Mallaiah in 1900. Be it the agitation against Bengal Partition in 1905, or Non Cooperation Movement in 1920, Salt Satyagraha in 1930 or Quit India in 1942, people in this region always responded to the call.
Source: The Hindu
Adhibhatla Narayanadasu known as the Harikatha Pitamaha for his expertise in the art, and noted folk dancer Sampath Kumar famous for his Jalari Nrityam, hailed from this district.
Chai Bisket ND
Source: The Hindu
The great Gurazada Apparao who showcased the evils of Kanyasulkam and famously declared “Desam ante Mattikadoi, Desamante Manushulu” was another great son of this place.
Chai Bisket GA
Source: The Hindu
Violin maestro Dwaram Venkataswami, Kaliyuga Bheema Kodi Ramamurthy were from here.
Telugu film music owes its debt to this place, with legendary singer Ghantasala hailing from here, as well as great music director of yesteryears Saluri Rajeswara Rao(father of Koti, of Raj-Koti fame).
s.rajeswara rao

The fort of Vijayanagaram, was established in 1713, in the Vijaya Naama Samavatsara, on Vijayadasami, which accounts for the name too. The Gajapathi rulers of this place were noted for their patronage of culture and arts, which accounts for so many outstanding talents hailing from here.
Vizianagaram Fort
Source: Flickr
The Goddess Pyditalli is the patron deity of Vizianagaram, in fact worshiped all over Uttarandhra. The Sirimanutsavam celebrated annually in honor of the Ammavaru draws huge crowds.
Chai isket v
Bobbili Veena is one of the most famous Veenas in Andhra Pradesh, noted for the quality of its craft and design.
Chai Bisket veena

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