Here Is The Current Condition Of Vizag’s 265-Year-Old Queen Mary’s School!


The city of Destiny is a total paradise for nature lovers apart from nature spots, it has rich heritage buildings. One of the most renowned heritage spot is Queen Mary’s School, a 265-year-old heritage building located in Vizag’s Old Town. This building is now in a totally run down position and in need of serious renovation now.



Actually, this school was built in 1750 and funded by the Gode family. Queen Mary’s School served as Collector’s Office in 1873 and used to store ammunition by the British government. In later years, it went on to be a harbour office and a medieval school. In 1913, it encouraged young widows to pursue education, which was quite progressive in those times.



City’s heritage lovers and activists are being extremely vocal about the neglect of the civic authorities and the administration towards this historical building. The catastrophic hurricane, Hud Hud destroyed it almost completely. Heritage activists have been appealing to authorities to save this site from a very long time, but to no avail. All it would take is a sum of 50 lakhs to get the building back on its feet. However, the attitude of the authorities seems indifferent. Let us pray that building gets saved from being demolished.



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