Meet The Visually Challenged Shopkeeper Who Manages His Shop Without Any Help From Others!


(Originally Written By Jeevan Chowdary)


Imagine keeping your eyes closed and walking around your house. Why imagine, just get up now, close your eyes and walk around. Difficult right? now imagine one guy who does this day in and day out. He doesn’t simply walk around. He goes about doing everyday activities like the rest the of us. He even manages a small shop all on his own. This is an inspiring story that you must read.


“Yesterday night, we went to a very small roadside shop near Malakpet chowrasta. We asked for some refreshments for 15 rupees and gave 50 rupees note. He gave us exactly 35 rupees back. While he was giving the change back, we realized something. The shopkeeper was blind. He was running that shop, alone, independently without any support. We were completely amazed and wanted to know how he manage to do that.

We spent some time with him and want to know his experiences because, when I compare his situation with my personal experiences in life till now, Nothing is a bigger challenge that we would have seen in our life in front of the challenge he has taken to go ahead in his life. He lost his eyes when he was 6 months old. And now he has a family where he also have two kids, and they are going to school. He has been running that shop since an year, where he has taken that small shed for a rent from his friend and started making himself strong financially so that he will be able to send his children to school.

It is such a busy road around, where we can estimate how many people actually stop by and meetup and do transactions there. I am still wondering how he was managing everything, picking the correct item asked by the customer, taking the money, recognizing and then cross checking with the customer and giving the exact change back. It was truly amazing that he recognizes everything just by making some touches using his hands.

When I gave a deep thought on it and match the experiences he shared with life of an Entrepreneur and my entrepreneurial journey. He is trying to solve all the problems he has, trying to give a better quality of life for his family, better education for his children from whatever earning he has, managing to get the materials to his shop and serving his customers all the day putting all the risk factors aside that he might face, he never cares how will the market respond to him.

He overcomes all the difficulties he has and built his own strategy so that he can recognize things faster and talk to people putting the thought of risk in his mind aside.

And finally such a beautiful smile he puts on his face!
I really salute him!
Everyone has to give a thought about it comparing with our own difficulties we face in life. I believe Nothing is bigger than this. We have to adjust with the resources we have and go ahead in the life to achieve our visions. See life as an adventurous game and play the game without worrying about the outcome!”


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